Listen to deadmau5’s upcoming album in full before its release

Canadian producer deadmau5 recently announced the release of his 8th studio album, due on December 2nd via his own imprint mau5trap. Following the tracklist leak of the album, it was only a matter of time before hardcore deadmau5 fans dug through livestreams and pieced together a playlist of all 11 of the tracks. Some of the tracks, such as “Saved” and “Snowcone”, have previously been released as singles, and are making a re-appearance on the album, while others are previews only available in rough, shortened forms. Nevertheless, this playlist is enough to satisfy fans until the full LP becomes available next month.

1. “2448”

2. “4ware”

3. “Cat Thruster”

4. “Glish”

5. “Imaginary Friends”

6. “Let Go”

7. “Deus Ex Machina”

8. “No Problem”

9. “Snowcone”

10. “Three Pound Chicken Wing”

11. “Whelk Then”