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Following the release of W:/2016ALBUM/ earlier this month, deadmau5 has been fairly transparent in his feelings regarding it. Several times, he has commented that he would have preferred to have more time, claiming that the album was 'slapped together'. This statement surprised some people, especially considering the widely positive response towards the album from both fans and critics, leading to

Renowned for his unique production sound along with his controversial social media feuds, Canadian mastermind Deadmau5 has released several albums over the years, with his latest one having dropped in 2014. Now the Mau5trap boss has returned with the release of his highly anticipated eighth studio album, entitled 'W:/2016ALBUM'. The album is exactly what Mau5 fans have been waiting for, featuring a number of

It’s been six years since Deadmau5' seminal 4x4=12, and four years since Joel Zimmerman's follow up, Album Title Goes Here — gaps of time that can feel more like an eternity within the electronic music landscape. Now, at long last, the mastermind has returned, wielding a mononymous album, intending to challenge the ephemeral character of the “EDM boom” that took place over the course of the last years. Enter W:/2016ALBUM. Deadmau5 is acutely aware

The tracklist for deadmau5's upcoming album 'W:/2016ALBUM/' has just been leaked on reddit, originally revealed by Joel himself on Twitch in October, prior to him deleting the recording. Due to be released in December, the album is already highly anticipated among fans, who are eagerly awaiting the Canadian producer's next masterpiece. Set to feature many long awaited unreleased tracks, this album