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Porter Robinson & Madeon admit recent collaboration is a one-off

It was the collaboration of a lifetime – Porter Robinson & Madeon, two of the most talented producers the industry has ever seen, teaming up to bring us a spine-tingling musical masterclass in the form of ‘Shelter‘, and to add the icing on the cake, an official North America tour to go alongside this. But it seems the partnership isn’t set to be permanent, as the pair recently confirmed that they will return to their solo projects following the completion of their current tour.

Prior to the collaboration, Porter had gone down in the dance music history books with his highly regarded and emotional ‘Worlds’ tour, while Madeon had also made a name for himself with his incredible live performance, ‘Adventure’. The two had toured independently quite a bit, but fans of both had been crying out for an official joint tour. Having duly obliged, Porter explains that “We want the whole thing to feel like a blink. One single song, one single tour, and then it’s over.”

Whilst Madeon went on to add “What makes it special is that we’re gonna go back to our solo projects. We know that this is a transient moment and we are taking it all in and enjoying it immensely, but we know that once this is it, it’s it.” Although they might not be working together, the good news is that there is still more solo tracks to come from each of these talented producers, whilst making the remaining performances of the tour all the more special.

Listen as the pair talk to Tommy West on SiriusXM about their Shelter Tour, making music and video games.