Premiere: Chris River & Iron Touch – Funky Stuff

If you’ve been craving some of the Funky music that the scene has been lacking of late, Sosumi have an obvious surprise for you. Quickly having become the camp for quality productions and up an coming artists, not to mention loads of free music, Kryder‘s venture in the shape of Sosumi Records sets up a unique space for artists and fans of House music alike wherein there are no qualms about who’s who and the music does the talking. And in a typical fashion of a giveaway tradition, Santa Kryder and Sosumi have organized 12 Days of Sosumi. In this esteemed partnership, we’ve already premiered a few tracks, and joining the ranks of exclusive music now is the tasty and groove laced production ‘Funky Stuff‘ from Italian producer and DJ Chris River and New Mexico based producer Iron Touch.

Combining forces in this venture are Italy based DJ/producer Cristian Fiume, who goes by his Chris River moniker, and States based producer and rising DJ Remigio Ferretti, better known by his stage name Iron Touch, who hails from New Mexico. Quality is one thing that the two assure to the scene and any keep listener knows that well, after all their recent past speaks for itself. River, who is regular at Mone Music Records, has developed a following of sorts with his tracks ‘Higher‘ with Marco Laschi on Black Lizard and ‘I Need You’ with Derek Reiver among other remixes. Ferretti, on the other hand, is on a quick rise towards a stardom in Monopoli and beyond with remixes and bootlegs alike. Having landed a few stellar Tech-House influenced tracks on the likes of Kluster Records and ‘Cigarette‘ along with Gass Krupp on Urbanlife Records, there seems to a promising talent emerging in the shape of Iron Touch.

What’s more is that the two artists follow-up their latest collaboration ‘Your House‘ on Mone Music Records in spectacular fashion as they deviate from the big-room influence in the former to deliver an even more energetic and groovy track in ‘Funky Stuff’. Don’t be mistaken, the track is exactly what it is called. It’s funky, groovy and you can’t help but rock your head to the upbeat structure of the track. Featuring a childish naughtiness in its build-up, the two producers land the production right on the coin as the track leaves you begging for more. A sure shot hit, it’s a better testament to the illustrious career that is in the waiting for the two collaborators. Merry Christmas from Sosumi and Kryder is on its way!

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