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Styline is a name more than familiar to the We Rave You radar. Enjoying a notable rise within electronic dance music this year, his output has been one of the most impressive from an emerging artist into the spotlight of the genre. Originating from his own passion and efforts, the self-made success has now attracted some major attention and turned reputed

Mirko Boni has been active in the electronic dance music scene for close to 15 years now. Debuting at an Italian nightclub as just 13 years of age, he was a member of the first wave of acts from his homeland to establish a career in the industry. Finding his sound niche in House and Tech-House, Mirko Boni's loyalty to the subgenres

That Matters is a name that has lately begun to surface within the electronic music circuit. Not much information is known regarding this mysterious solo producer, but the music That Matters has released could certainly speak for itself. That Matters first caught people’s attention with a blissful deep house track called “Bamba” on the label Kid Coconut. That Matters then followed

Cashmere Jaxx is further evidence of the breadth and depth in the electronic dance music talent from The Netherlands. Specialising in funky House and tribal-infused Big Room, the native from the city of Breda has started to acquire quite the portfolio. Now with his own portfolio, 'Heartbeat Sessions' reflect his experience in performing and ear for track compilation. Dropping his first original over

TIA is another product from the increasingly impressive Italian electronic dance music pipeline. Hailing from the landscapes of Milan, his track on the '12 Days of Sosumi' playlist speaks volumes of his studio production and existing portfolio. Having taken on tracks from the likes of Valentino Khan for a bootleg of "Deep Down Low", TIA has gone on to compose original material