Ahzee – Go Gyal

In only a couple of years, Kevin Ahzee has become one of the industry’s most established DJ’s and producers. Since breaking through the scene with his highly successful single called “Born Again”, Ahzee has turned into a household name within the dance music community and has gained a strong following all across the globe.

Along with his success performing at prominent clubs and festivals, the New-York-based talent has also charted high with productions such as “King” and “Drums” under his portfolio. Ahzee’s 2016 campaign was no different especially with the support his tracks “Torture” and “But a Lie” received.

Ending last year with a bang, Ahzee released another massive tune titled “Go Gyal” on BIP Records. Since its release, the track has accumulated thousands of streams on Soundcloud and Spotify and its official music video uploaded on YouTube has amassed over 2.5 million views thus far.

“Go Gyal” features the musical elements that would cause any listener to dance to the beat and that would be fitting for any festival or club atmosphere. With the vocals combining flawlessly with the synth progressions and hard-hitting basslines, this track captivates the audience and sends out a vast surge of energy from start to finish.

“Go Gyal” is now available on BIP Records and you can download a copy here. Also, check out the track’s official music video below.