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Major Lazer team up with Bacardi for ‘Sound of Rum’ initiative

Broadening their reach even further, the world-renowned trio of Major Lazer has recently collaborated with Bacardi for the Cuban company’s ‘Sound of Rum’ initiative.

The concept behind ‘Sound of Rum’ is music that blends elements from genres such as reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, and electronic music, which are essentially what Major Lazer is prominent for. Bacardi asked Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire to implement the idea to their music and as a result, Major Lazer has scored its first partnership with a global brand.

Speaking out about teaming up with Bacardi, Diplo stated:

“This year for us is all about getting creative. We’re down with working with people who want to accelerate what we want to do musically, invest in our ideas, and create cultural moments and memories. BACARDÍ rum has been in the studios with us for ages and is part of the island vibe that inspires our sound, so the partnership comes from a deeper, more meaningful place.”

Walshy Fire also mentioned:

“The way Bacardi celebrates music and culture matches how we celebrate music and culture. They totally feel us when we say we want to make the world smaller by making the party bigger.”

For this particular project, Major Lazer is set to release an upcoming single titled “Run It” in early 2017. In addition, the group is also currently filming a documentary about the origins of rum, overseen by Jillionaire, the official ambassador of rum for Bacardi.

Talking more about this partnership, Jillionaire also said:

“We are most inspired by people that are doing fun and interesting things in music, arts and culture, and Bacardi shares those similar attributes. The Sound of Rum is more than music – it’s a cultural movement and a way of life that is true to us all.”

Source: Billboard