Deorro – Feeling Pretty Good

Deorro recently revealed another record from his forthcoming studio album titled ‘Good Evening‘. Following the release of his track “Rise & Shine”, the Mexican-American producer unveiled his latest single called “Feeling Pretty Good“.

Since entering the dance music scene, Deorro has continuously proven his ground as one of the most skillful and dynamic talents in the business. With hits such as “Perdóname” and “Five More Hours” under his name, the Los Angeles native’s success over the past few years is undeniable.

Showcasing his versatility once again, Deorro is set to release a jam-packed, 24-track album titled ‘Good Evening’. The upcoming album will feature past releases such as “Goin Up” and “Butt Naked”, as well as its debut single “Rise and Shine”, which consists of his signature bounce.

Moving to the realm of experimental bass, Deorro has released the mesmerizing new tune “Feeling Pretty Good”. The track deviates from Deorro’s usual sound; however, it does prove his willingness to tap into other sub-genres of electronic music.

Featuring sequences of high-pitched vocals and soothing melodic breakdowns, “Feeling Pretty Good” provides some blissful and uplifting vibes. Also showing its darker side, the track delivers some overpowering energy with its hard-hitting bass drop, overall making this tune a must-hear for any music fan.

“Feeling Pretty Good” is out now and you can download it here. ‘Good Evening’ will be available on March 31 via Ultra Music.