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locked, loaded, and ready to do damage, music producer Deorro is back with another bass-layered banger and it is about to slay the dancefloor. Already smelling the success this year, the American DJ has rolled out a steady stream of releases including tracks like 'Existence' and the relentless energetic hit 'Offsping' which dropped over on Aoki's DIM MAK imprint earlier this year.

Deorro's rise to stardom has been nothing short of spectacular, and having already passed so many milestones in his musical career, he in now exploring unchartered territories with the release of his debut studio album entitled "Good Evening". The product of three years of song-writing and producing, it includes an incredible 24, yes you read that right, 24 original productions. Featuring an intro

Deorro recently revealed another record from his forthcoming studio album titled 'Good Evening'. Following the release of his track "Rise & Shine", the Mexican-American producer unveiled his latest single called "Feeling Pretty Good". Since entering the dance music scene, Deorro has continuously proven his ground as one of the most skillful and dynamic talents in the business. With hits such as "Perdóname" and "Five

After over a decade of rising toward the higher ranks of the industry, Deorro has finally announced his debut studio album. Titled ‘Good Evening’, this 24-track album is set to be released in full on March 31 on Ultra Music. Featuring an intro and multiple interludes, ‘Good Evening’ is a complete album that possesses an eclectic selection of genres and influences.