Richie Hawtin set to premiere ‘CLOSE’ audiovisual show at Coachella 2017

In a day and age where festival shows and performance setups go beyond the mere need for decks and great music to an engrossing audiovisual experience, it is the likes of Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz who are the first to come to mind with their Cube 2.1 and EPIC 5. 0 concepts respectively. After recognizing the need for creating such an experience for the audiences, joining them would be Joel’s fellow countryman and world renowned act Richie Hawtin with his ‘CLOSE – Spontaneity and Sycnhronicity‘ concept. Teased through a recent video on his YouTube channel, Richie Hawtin’s latest gimmick sees him perform live on his gear as all the cameras surrounding him project the stage setup across to the fans.

What’s more is that the show, which lasts for a whole 75 minutes, will aim to create a personal and intimate relationship between the performer and the audience. The teaser video, which eerily reminds one of the various artworks by Disclosure, features Hawtin’s sifting through his gear and closes with the path that the ‘CLOSE’ tour will follow. Kicking off at this year’s Coachella event, Hawtin’s will be taking the event across the Atlantic to perform at various locations in France, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Belgium, UK, Hungary and Italy after wrapping up his performances at Detroit and the Palm Spring’s event. The concept is set to be on the road throughout the year and is a highly recommended experience.

Watch the teaser video for the CLOSE concept below.

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