Premiere: Tom Swoon, Teamworx – Atom

One of the most groundbreaking releases in electro house in 2012 was the remarkable ‘Atom’, Italian DJs Nari & Milani‘s magnum opus. Brought to the forefront of the scene by the legendary Swedish House Mafia themselves, the track surpassed all to become one of the most supported releases in history, and had producers all over the world trying to imitate and implement the sheer power emitted from the drop into their productions.

However, if you thought ‘Atom’ could not get any better – it just did. Reworked magnificently by Polish powerhouse Tom Swoon and rising Israeli duo Teamworx, the former hit may now have met its match, and quite brilliantly too.

Featuring an even more seismic rendition of the original ‘Atom’, the new collaboration strips away all but the basic drop arrangement and vocals, and provides the track with the sharp, heavy twist the original had always been missing.

Picked up almost instantly by ex-Swedish House Mafia members Axwell Λ Ingrosso, the track quickly worked its way into being a resident in nearly every set, and was premiered at their spectacular closing set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year. ‘Atom’ has also received support from the likes of Zedd, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Blasterjaxx, and countless other heavyweights in the scene.

We sat down with Teamworx to discuss “Atom”, their direction in music and future plans in exclusive interview. Below:

What was your first reaction when you saw Axwell & Ingrosso playing the track at the Ultra mainstage?

Excitement and pride. Back in 2011 when we were at Tomorrowland, watching our idols Swedish House Mafia, we promised to ourselves that one day, we’ll see our music being played at these big stages. It’s been a huge closure for us as Axwell & Ingrosso are our idols. We spend 12 hours on the studio every single day and we neglect so many things to pursue our dream, it’s not easy and sometimes we need things to fuel our motivation to know we’re doing the right thing, and watching the Swedish legends playing our music is certainly a stamp we’re on the right direction.

Could you describe the process behind creating “Atom”? How did the track come to life?

We were contacted by Dorian (Tom Swoon) reached us back in November with the idea of re-creating ‘Atom’ in a modern version, we were privileged to have this opportunity but with that opportunity came the biggest challenge because it was an iconic track which defined an era in dance music led by the Swedish House Mafia at that time. We’ve tried to mash between our own sounds and ideology, the modern vibes and demand by the community and also to still with the original and remain the magic. The huge amount of support so far is overwhelming and we’re proud of the results!

Speaking about challenges and difficulties, have there been times in the studio when you felt like you’d run out of ideas/directions to go in with a particular sound? If so, how have you dealt with this in the past? Any advice you can offer to producers who face the same issue?

It’s always challenging to do come up something new, and sometimes when you polishing the details of certain track , and working on something in continues loop your mind becomes cloudy and you don’t even know if what you’re doing is working or not, if it’s good or complete disaster. Earlier last year we felt like nothing really moves us anymore, back when there were so many anthems and there were consensus about certain tracks or music, now the trends are changing so fast and the “EDM” bubble is evolving and we just stopped and told ourselves to focus on what we believe in and what we love, so we have our own little style of groove and bass which we feel like our comfort zone right now and we’ll continue with that direction.

The biggest advice we can tell to young producers is always to stick to your sound, where everything isn’t clear and the whole scene is rapidly changing, chasing after trends won’t do any good to you, because you’re chasing after a train that already left the station, and by the time you’ll get there (meaning, producing music in that type of style), the train will leave to the next one. Moreover, if you’re following a trend, you’re not doing anything rather than empowering the artist (pioneer) of this genre. Think about it – when Future House was a trend, everyone produced future house, but only Tchami and Oliver Heldens gained a huge success out of it, or when Tropical house was the trend, only Kygo really enjoyed the real success. What we’re saying – stick to what you believe in and the train will stop at your station, eventually, it’s a circle, we’ve been into the scene for decade and a half, and you see how the good old house is coming back, or the underground is taking over, do what you believe in. Don’t follow, lead.

What’s next for Teamworx? Any upcoming collaborations? Follow-ups? Singles?

As we previously said we’re always trying to push the boundaries, and while we stick to what we believe, we do try to experiment with new sounds and we always try to bring something fresh to the table, we’ve got some pretty big stuff lined up for the coming year, most of them are still in final stages, so hopefully we’ll have more news soon 🙂

Check out the official We Rave You premiere below. Out tomorrow on Spinnin’ Records.