Showtek & Brooks – On Our Own (feat. Natalie Major)

Dutch brothers Showtek seem to know a thing or two about the crucial components of song making. On the scene since 2001, the duo have released colossal EDM hits like their newest Major Lazer collab “Believer”, all back to the singles making up their studio albums, Today Is Tomorrow and Analogue Players in a Digital World. Now, with one of Ultra 2017’s biggest sets of the year, and hopes to continue crushing the rest of the festival season, the boys have released yet another banger. Teaming up with Brooks and American singer Natalie Major, their newest collaboration, “On Our Own”, will definitely add to their already solid repertoire.

The song, strong in production technique and masterful harmony arrangements, “On Our Own” is jammed with escalating synth work and a song that in its entirety, might stand as one of their best releases yet. When asked about their newest tune, Showtek went on to say:

“With our new song, “On Our Own,” we took the approach that everyone should  and can be a strong and confident individual no matter what. This is obviously a strong message given the current political landscape we are living in. Also, it really harkens back to the fabric of dance music.”

and Brooks:

“This track means a lot to me. I’ve always respected Showtek a lot and I’m extremely proud that we’re releasing a collab now.”

Take a listen to “On Our Own” below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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