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Showtek are not ones to shy away from addictive beats. Known for groundbreaking singles such as 'Booyah' and recent singles like 'Show Some Love' and 'Someone Like Me', the mind blowing duo have returned to their signature club sound for 'Pum Pum', which sees Showtek and Sevenn team up. The idea for 'Pum Pum' was born over five years ago in Australia, which they detail: "The original idea for

With lockdown restrictions in many parts of the world now beginning to ease, a feeling of positivity is starting to engulf the dance music industry once again, and never more so than now, via the release of RMA's hot new banger, 'All Of My Love'. Blessing the track with a vibrant build and frenetic melody, the track merges several sub-genres

This past Friday Dutch duo Showtek presented their newest track 'Straight Shots'. This energetic song, which has been released through Showtek's label Skink Records, has been also co-produced by Belgian artists Linka and Mondello 'G and features vocals from Jamaica-born singer and Grammy Award Winning Composer GC (Gate Citizens). This project suppose an important step forward for the Eindhoven-based brothers and their label. Instead of looking

Bass house has been one of the highest growing EDM subgenres in the past few years. Combining the groovy house drums along with interesting sound design this genre packs everything which gets fans' feet moving. Similar to the growth of this genre has been the growth of the bass house duo Vantiz. Coming from the small country of Serbia, the

Dutch brothers Showtek seem to know a thing or two about the crucial components of song making. On the scene since 2001, the duo have released colossal EDM hits like their newest Major Lazer collab "Believer", all back to the singles making up their studio albums, Today Is Tomorrow and Analogue Players in a Digital World. Now, with one of

Showtek return to the Skink imprint by taking on revered classic, "Mellow". The Dutchmen go back to their roots and there's strong evidence of that in its massive synths and heavy kicks. Coupled with highly addictive and recognizable vocals, Mellow is a floor-smasher to say the very least. The tune destroyed speakers when played at this year's The Flying Dutch festival

Dropgun's latest electro-house release, 'Ninja' has been storming through festivals and main rooms for the last few months, and it is finally up for grabs on Showtek's label: Skink! The duo's previous release, 'Cobra', with Tony Junior received massive support from big room crowds and you can expect similar results with this track. The track is crafted to suit festival ravers