Vantiz – Alert

Bass house has been one of the highest growing EDM subgenres in the past few years. Combining the groovy house drums along with interesting sound design this genre packs everything which gets fans’ feet moving. Similar to the growth of this genre has been the growth of the bass house duo Vantiz. Coming from the small country of Serbia, the upcoming duo has absolutely stormed the EDM industry all across the globe in the past few years.

Vantiz, comprising of Igor Trešnjić and Miloš Đurić, has been in the music industry for quite some time and now it’s their turn to go for glory. Both Igor and Miloš started off as individual artists. They performed various festivals, including Exit Festival, Bih Color Festival and Evolution Festival, where they united for a B2B set. Thus, Igor and Miloš decided to form a duo, considering the fact their creativity and workflow multiplied manifold, as a duo.

As a testament to their rapid growth, the organizers at one of the biggest festivals’ “The Spectrum” decided to call them for the 2016 edition held in October. Vantiz proved to be one of the best acts of the edition. Following an amazing debut season, the organizers had to bring them back. The amazingly talented duo not only lived up to the expectations of the organizers and fans, but also took the status of the festival to a new benchmark. Now, they’re making even bigger moves with their latest release!

Take a listen to ‘Alert’ below!

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