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This past Friday Dutch duo

Showtek, Linka & Mondello ‘G – Straight Shots (feat. Gate Citizens)

Home Uncategorized Showtek, Linka & Mondello ‘G – Straight Shots (feat. Gate Citizens)

This past Friday Dutch duo Showtek presented their newest track ‘Straight Shots’. This energetic song, which has been released through Showtek’s label Skink Records, has been also co-produced by Belgian artists Linka and Mondello ‘G and features vocals from Jamaica-born singer and Grammy Award Winning Composer GC (Gate Citizens).

This project suppose an important step forward for the Eindhoven-based brothers and their label. Instead of looking for great names to collab with, the ‘Booyah’ guys have preferred to give their Skink-signed artists a chance. Linka and Mondello ‘G are two of the most talented and fast-rising producers on the roster and that hasn’t gone unnoticed for Showtek that didn’t think it twice to start working with them on ‘Straight Shots’. To complete this project, they’ve trust in GS (Gate Citizens), who has already been involved in previous Skink projects providing the vocals for NSSND and Lacrème‘s track ‘Blow Pandi Sax’ or the latest tune tune by Showtek and DropgunIsland Boy‘.

‘Straight Shots’ is the last and third track of Showtek’s ‘EDM Sucks / Island Boy‘ EP after the two track’s composing the album name. It is an euphoric electro house banger and a perfectly produced party anthem combining hard-hitting punchy beats with powerful bass lines, aggressive vocals, multiple up and downlifting effects and a very bouncy drop that reflects the label’s signature sound and combines Showtek style with the fresh ideas and vision from Linka and Mondello ‘G. All in all, ‘Straight Shots’ showcases the artists personality and their good connection and understanding in the studio.

While Showtek are working on developing their brand label, they are also strengthening their position and legacy by becoming a platform for talent brining the future electronic music stars to the main scene. On the other hand let’s not lose sight of Linka, Mondello ‘G and GS, as we’ll surely be hearing new stuff from them soon.

Listen to ‘Straight Shots in full below’:





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