Axwell’s anthem “Center of the Universe” turns 4 years old

A classic production from an iconic artist, it seems like only yesterday that Axwell released progressive anthem “Center of the Universe”. The track, featuring the vocals of Magnus Carlson, who co-wrote the piece with Axwell, debuted in the spring of 2013, already a staggering 4 years ago.

Released during a peak period for progressive electro house, an era which also spawned Alesso’s remix of “If I Lose Myself”, the Axtone boss layers together a progressive chord build-up with the unmistakable vocals of Carlson on a track which later received remixes from Dyro and Blinders, as well as the main man himself in the form of a famous Axwell remode.  Sandwiched between Ax’s spell between the tail-end of his Swedish House Mafia days, and the dawn of a new beginning for Axwell Λ Ingrosso, the Swede demonstrates why his legacy is so safely guarded within the industry, demonstrating his pure progressive genius on the track.

Though it is tough to believe exactly 4 full years have passed since the release of “Center of the Universe”, the overflowing raw emotions and the deep lyrical vocals of the production have cemented its place in the majority of DJ sets even to this day. Powerful and intense, remind yourself of the power of the production below and lose yourself in this track; a must-have for any EDM aficionado.


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