DJ Snake is being sued for copyright

William Sami Etienne Grigahcine, known professionally in the electronic music scene as DJ Snake, is a Grammy-nominated producer that fans have come to love. The French DJ who mixes both electronic music and hip-hop debuted on the scene back in 2013 where Diplo released his track ‘Bird Machine’ on his Los Angeles-based record label Mad Decent.

However, DJ Snake is being sued for copyright over one of his most notable tracks to date “Turn Down For What“. The track that features Lil Jon is being sued over the alleges that ‘Turn Down For What’ breaks modern copyright laws against hip-hop artist Freddie Gz‘s same name track which was released months earlier.

The suit claims that both tracks [Turn Down For What] have the same names and that the tracks were produced too close together and also claim that the tracks follow a similar structure and beat.

To highlight an interesting point in this lawsuit, the lawyer who is suing DJ Snake and Lil Jon, and representing the publishing company is Richard Busch. It is back in March 2015 where Mr Busch successfully won a massive settlement for the heirs of the late, great Marvin Gaye over Robin Thicke’s track ‘Blurred Lines’. The family was awarded a whopping $7.4 million dollars. With Richard Busch having the track record for his expertise in copyright law, DJ Snake will be looking not to get slapped with the same daunting bill.

Give a listen to the two tracks below and tell us what you think.