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In what’s sounding to be

Premiere: Arno Cost vs I’m From Barcelona – Violins

Home Uncategorized Premiere: Arno Cost vs I’m From Barcelona – Violins

In what’s sounding to be a top notch effort for the summer, Arno Cost has taken on Swedish 28 member pop-group I’m From Barcelona‘s 2015 track ‘Violins‘ to deliver one of summer’s most iconic tunes. With the Jönköping pop-ensemble being led by Emanuel Lundgren to provide the buoyant vocals and mellifluous layout to the track, it is Arno Cost’s production adeptness that make the track more polished and wholesome. The pop-group had originally delivered the track as part of their 2015 album ‘Growing Up Is For Trees,’ and now the remake from Arno Cost breathes new life into the single – giving it edge and presence to make it more relevant 2 years onward. If anything is to be said about the track before we jump into it, it is that Arno Cost does brilliantly to throw the track open to an even wider audience and sets it free to be laid bare at venues and beaches across the globe.

Kicking off with a typical House beat-work, the rendition hints at a chirpy blueprint before we’re introduced to high-hitting and tempo dictating A cappella from the pop-group’s original work. A minute into the track and we are introduced to Lundgren’s touch-and-go vocals as they seamlessly fit atop Arno Cost’s production abilities. The track’s catch is the ‘drop’ – where Arno Cost’s skills at the production desk entwine without any spills to the Swedish group’s backing vocal heroics – expanding the track across both genres and making it suitable for any type of listening.

Sure to make the grade above all on playlists all around the world, this high tempo rendition from Arno Cost is assuredly touted to rule the radio waves and festivals world over and what’s more is that being unleashed at the peak of the heat, ‘Violins’ is undoubtedly the track that this summer season was begging for.

Download Arno Cost’s fantastic take on I’m From Barcelona’s hit from free here & stream it below:

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