Up-and-coming Indian producer Backclash releases his euphoric tropical house remix of Hicari's pop single titled "Stellar".

Hicari – Stellar (Backclash Remix)

Backclash is back with another outstanding production to continue his ascension within the electronic dance music scene. The upcoming Indian producer has just released his brilliant, tropical house remix of Hicari‘s pop single called “Stellar“.

Born as Aman Vanjani, Backclash sparked an interest in music production and sound engineering being a student in London and now, he has begun his journey in this industry. In addition, he has also worked his way through various clubs and festivals in India.

Influenced by the likes of Matoma, Thomas Jack, and Kygo, Backclash utilizes a tropical house sound that any music fan would certainly love. Especially with the rise of the sub-genre, it will be far from surprising if Backclash starts to gain more recognition in the near future.

Following his recently released original single called “Never A Goodbye”, Backclash has remixed Hicari’s song titled “Stellar” and the results are undeniably impressive. Featuring his signature tropical house elements, this remix provides quite a euphoric listening experience from start to finish.

Playing alongside Hicari’s striking vocals, a beautiful instrumental is presented to the audience. Consisting of rejuvenating melodies, hard-hitting beats, and an array of other sound effects, this remix overall is a must-hear production for any music enthusiast.

Backclash’s remix of Hicari’s “Stellar” is out now and you can download it here.