Back with her newest release, French superstar Charlotte gives us her newest deep house release "Veins me Chercher". Available now on iTunes.

Charlotte – Viens me chercher

French singer, producer, model, and writer Charlotte is known for her unique ability to tackle any new challenge with precise accuracy. Whether it’s performing in front of a massive crowd, or releasing hit singles like her biggest hit “La Vie La Nuit”, she’s one of the industry’s most versatile artists. With constant work being published, all of these attributes and more can be heard on her newest release titled, “Viens me chercher“.

Translated to “Come and Get Me”, this new single has all the right necessities to make it one of her best tracks to date. With a strong, progressive core and deepened instrumentals, the single is a true powerhouse from start to finish. Alongside lush melodies and an undertone as melodic as it is sexy, Charlotte also incorporates her own vocals to the hit. A true deep house song, each new stem only further solidifies that this is the perfect original to showcase her complex, mature production techniques.

A true star in the French music scene, Charlotte continues to push the boundaries for female producers everywhere with her exotic releases and one-of-a-kind spoken word harmonies.

Available now on Spotify and for purchase through iTunes music, take a listen to the young starlet’s newest release “Viens me chercher” below.


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