Don Diablo

Don Diablo publishes epic video showcasing one year in one minute

Don Diablo has undoubtedly been going from strength to strength over the last few years, consistently pushing boundaries with his releases and headlining major festivals, while his fanbase has increased exponentially worldwide. Recently, he took to social media to release a clip celebrating the last 12 months, fitting all of his accomplishments into one unbelievable minute-long video.

Showcasing his releases over the last year, the video kicks off with Don Diablo’s collaboration with Steve Aoki and Lush & Simon, ‘What We Started‘, alongside clips focusing on his live performances as well as interactions with fans. The whole video has a heartwarming feel, showing how far the Dutch DJ has come over the past 12 months, fitting a massive number of events into such a short period of time, while always finding the time for his fans.

With so many outstanding releases and unforgettable moments packed into the last 12 months, there can be no doubt that Don Diablo is on a path to even further success, and will remain one of the most influential producers in the industry for years to come.

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