Dr Shiver

Dr. Shiver discusses upcoming Tomorrowland performance, new music, & future plans in exclusive interview

Bruno Carlo Oggioni, better known as Dr. Shiver, is currently one of the top powerhouses within the dance music industry. Due to his brilliant talents, versatility, and willingness to push boundaries, the Italian producer and DJ has earned tremendous support from fans and his peers, and success resulting from his highly impressive work inside the studio and behind the decks.

Dr. Shiver has also gained notoriety for establishing his own record label named Art&Music Recording. Since its early beginnings, the imprint has showcased some of the most promising and bright young talents in the business such as David Allen and Solberjum. The label has also released several major hits, including Dr. Shiver’s own remixes of Candi Staton’s “You Got the Love” and the Swedish House Mafia and Laidback Luke’s “Leave the World Behind”.

During the festival’s recent lineup announcement, Dr. Shiver has been revealed as one of the performers at this year’s Tomorrowland, proving how far he has come in the electronic dance music scene. In an exclusive interview with We Rave You, the Art&Music Recording head honcho talked about his preparation for his forthcoming set at one of the world’s biggest festivals, along with his plans for the rest of 2017 and his thoughts about the music industry today.

Read the full interview below.

  1. Congratulations on being announced as part of Tomorrowland’s 2017 lineup. Could you give us hint about your preparations for the set? Any surprises we can expect?

I am now creating a selection of some of my favorite tracks since I am not planning to prepare the entire DJ set and have a pre-recorded play list. Of course I already have an idea of what I would love to play, but I definitely prefer to be driven by the moment, the location and the crowd.

I am definitely going to premiere 2 new tracks: one is my next single with the featuring of Kazi, another is my new collab with Solberjum and, last but not least, Wusu, the newest track by little brother David Allen.

  1. Recently we’ve seen that you’ve been in the studio with Michael Feiner, when you did b2b with him on the saxophone and you’re on the piano. Any interesting ideas that were born in that session?

Well, I can not hide that Michael and I have worked on something new. Everything started for fun, and same with the jam session. We wrote a nice chord progression and some nice vocals that we roughly recorded. I think that next time we’ll be together we will spend a few more hours on this project and, if both of us will be satisfied, a collab will be more than welcome. Mike and I haven’t known each other long, but I already feel like he is a friend. We’ve got great days together and I have discovered in him a great person and a wonderful musician, producer and singer.

  1. A couple of months ago you had released ‘Art&Music Recording’ Miami Compilation, do you have any EP lined up for either the coming summer or ADE? When can we expect a bulk of new music from your imprint?

Yes! ADE will be the next thing. We are working super hard here in our studios to create new, fresh music. We are now focusing on our top artists: David Allen, Solberjum and my self as well as we are now signing new talents to bring fresh energy to the team: the great Rikaya from Belarus, Mathias D. from France and Corx from Perù.

Soon you will also listen to a new funky track I have made on Protocol that invited me to play at their Protocol party during ADE.

  1. Tomorrowland has always been a huge milestone for aspiring artists and now that you’ve achieved this one, what’s the next goal in terms of performances? Which festival or special appearances are you aiming for in the future?

I am definitely aiming at getting to the best venues and festivals possible: Tomorrowland main stage, Ultra main stage, Coachella and so on. But this is just a piece of the cake: what I am really working hard to get is a big radio hit. I already have 2 strong radio tracks ready to be released. I do not see the future so I do not wanna predict anything but I can just say that I will keep on working hard till I get all of my targets.

Same thing will happen with Art&Music Recording. My team and I are working day and night almost without sleeping to achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves. So be ready for lot of new things from my side and from Art&Music Recording side.

  1. You’ve been at IMS and frequented Ibiza, what are your insights into the scene? Any interesting things you’ve learned attending the conference? How do you judge the music scene today? What have your experiences taught you to expect from it?

There are lot of things to say. IMS as well as ADE are huge conferences that you can not miss if you really want to work in this business. They give you the chance to talk and interface with lot of other producers and record labels from all over the World.

What I have noticed during this IMS is that the music industry is, at the moment, totally messed up. Record labels have no clear ideas of what they really want to sign and are not brave enough to sign really new tracks. Almost all the producers are just producing “sounds like” tracks. So, nothing really new. They are scared to produce new stuff since that can be a risk: record labels keep on saying they want innovative things, but at the end they always sign the same music.

What I am sure about is that today having good tracks is absolutely not enough. You need to have a valid profile to become interesting for record labels. Even if you have the potential new worldwide hit in your pocket and your name is not known yet or is not “enough” buzzed you are not going to get a good deal for your track: to become a real hit, a potential hit needs lot of promotion. To have a huge promotion you need to invest a lot of money and record labels invest lots of money only when the artist who made the track is a priority artist. The problem is that it is almost a mission impossible becoming a priority artist without already having a background, without being known or buzzed.

So, my advice is the following: keep on working but do not forget that today you must be your own manager. Work on socials and promotions, try to get as much collabs as possible. Start from the ground and try to get to your targets step by step. Do not give up and keep being constant.