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With years and years of experience in the music industry with being both a producer and a label head, the Italian mastermind Dr. Shiver knows it all. Continuing to navigate the music industry with ease, it's no wonder why success comes easily to him when he has the amount of talent that he does. Being a multi-instrumentalist he first got into the

Mexican duo Kremerk have been making a huge impact on the music industry ever since their first release last year. Their unparalleled energy is present in every single track they release, making them one of the most exciting upcoming talents in the scene. Their latest release 'Nowhere' is due to drop via Art&Music Recording this Friday, 15th March. The track

An artist who has been recognized for his virtuoso-like position in the industry, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and record producer Dr. Shiver looks set to have yet another successful year. The Italian producer who released tracks like 'Money Maker' and 'Bla Bla Bla' in 2018, also saw his Art&Music Recording imprint do well with a flurry of releases from the likes of Solberjum,

Fresh off of his collaboration, 'Dubai' with Brazilian bass-master Beowülf, Solberjum is back with another smash-hit single, titled 'Choices'. Going solo in his latest single, the track marks his first solo release since 'Get Money' was released last month. A high-energy Future house anthem, Solberjum makes excellent use of synth stabs as he brings the heat in his latest hit single. Opening up with a dark, mysterious vibe, low-pass-filtered

Fresh off of his hot collaboration 'Bla Bla Bla', with Art&Music Recording head-honcho Dr. Shiver, Parisian pundit Solberjum is back on the esteemed label with Brazilian bass-master Beowülf, to deliver a hard-hitting Arabic-inspired Bass House tune; 'Dubai'. Combining Solberjum's masterful melodies with Beowülf's booming basslines, their two worlds have collided to create their latest masterpiece. Making great use of minor scale chords, Goblet Drums, Zills and ethnic vocals, the track's Arabic elements blend

After the success of Chemistry and Rescue Me, Bruno Carlo Oggioni (better known as Dr. Shiver) is back with 'Money Maker'; this time the Art&Music Recording top dog takes things to a whole new level with club energy mixed with Friday-night vibes that will be impossible not to dance to. Following the success of tracks such as 'Rescue Me' with Jegers and 'Chemistry'

Dr. Shiver and Jegers’s brand-new collaboration digs into the House side of things. Once again, the head honcho of Art&Music Recording puts the emphasis on his versatility as an artist, with some future-house flavoured vibes, teaming up with the rising Italian trio. Nothing can go wrong with ‘Rescue Me’ and it genuinely invites all kinds of music fans to enjoy

Dr. Shiver's prodigy David Allen is back again with a brand new single after his summer anthem 'Chemistry' with Art&Music Recording label head honcho Dr. Shiver. This dreamy tune titled 'Prophet' shows off David’s progressive roots. Featured in the Tomorrowland aftermovie now it is finally set to go. At just 20 years old, David Allen's irresistible Progressive House sound has attracted the attention of

A mainstay for all discussions concerning Dr. Shiver's highly regarded Art&Music Recording imprint, French artist Solberjum has been a constant source of top notch tracks and the man behind some of the summer's hottest productions. Having just collaborated with the label boss on one of the label's latest tracks titled ‘Bla Bla Bla', Solberjum looks set to deliver something fresh

Having won the 'Brave Love' remix competition organized by none other than Art&Music Recording boss Dr. Shiver himself, rising Italian producers Rockyz and Galex are looking ready to impress further on the back of their recent success. Organized with help from Wavo, the remix contest for Dr. Shiver's original track featuring the ever talented Jmi Sissoko had admittedly taken the aspiring and talented producers