Dr. Shiver

Dr. Shiver opens up about his latest release ‘Money Maker’

Never one to shy away from letting his experience speak during interviews, Dr. Shiver is undoubtedly one of Dance music’s most important personalities. With his Art&Music Recording imprint doing so well, the Italian record producer has certainly moved with the times to remain at the forefront of the developing industry – one that he has been a part of for almost 2 decades. Having been known for his infectious house hits and sumptuous remixes, Dr. Shiver is now back to the production desk for a different sound, which is evidently up-to-date and hard-hitting and certainly gets the 2018 crowds going.

In that regard, he has already stamped the sound with releases such as ‘Bla Bla Bla‘ with Solberjum and ‘Chemistry‘ with David Allen. Adding to that stellar collection will be his next solo track titled ‘Money Maker’, through which the Italian producer is surely looking to strengthen his performance arsenal. The track will be released on Art&Music Recording on the 23rd of July and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year for the imprint. Here is Dr. Shiver talking about ‘Money Maker’ in an exclusive interview where he also addresses his label’s development and being supported by other artists.

Congratulations on your new release! What was your inspiration behind ‘Money Maker’?

I won’t call it “inspiration”. Most of the time I just find myself singing a melody in my head while driving… Once I am sure about that melody I start singing it and I record it on the memo notes on my iPhone… most of them will be almost immediately forgotten while a few of them actually survive. The filter I choose to see if I want to keep them or if I prefer to trash them is easy: if the day after I have recorded the audio note, I still remember a part of that melody or the entire melody, then it is probably something strong so I will keep it. Otherwise it will be trashed.

The track definitely has a heavier feel than your usual releases. Is this just experimentation or are you moving your sound in this direction permanently?

I do not have rules when producing. I can do bangers as well as softer things. I can do pop as well as more electronic. I really do not want to stay bound to a specific sound or genre. I have the huge gift and the chance to be able to produce different kinds of music so this is simply what I do. If I feel doing something club I do it, I feel like doing a banger, I do a banger.

Each of your tracks always receives support from some of the world’s leading artists. How does it feel to receive support? Are you inspired to produce even more hits?

This is a fundamental aspect. When your tracks are constantly played and supported by the biggest deejays, it definitely makes you understand that you are on the right path. You know, these guys receive thousands of promos per week… when you see that they are checking your demos and they are supporting, that is another important sign. Lately I also got supported by The Chainsmokers… a really nice feeling. But, to be honest, this is not the only thing that pushes me to produce more… supports by “normal” people is another important aspect for example.

Your label Art&Music Recording has been going from strength to strength lately, do you have any upcoming releases planned?

You don’t want to know…. A lot. Really. We have the incoming 8 months planned already. I cannot spoil all of them but I can tell you that in September we will release Dubai by Solberjum and Beowulf. Right after we are going to release Believe by Blackcode, a talented Italian guy that we have recently signed. Then we have another one by Solberjum, titled Choices: I have signed this track today for another official video of Tomorrowland.

Has owning your own label affected how you produce as an artist? Has it made you more self disciplined?

Of course. When you are running your own business you must learn to be precise. To be on time, to respect the delivery date and the schedule and all of these things reflect onto the production process.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year – any exciting projects?

A lot man. Both from my side and from Art&Music. Regarding the label I have already spoiled you something… regarding myself I can start by saying that before October I will have a track released on Spinnin. It’s Chemistry, the track I did with David Allen that has been tweaked by Kryder in person. So you’ll listen to Chemistry “Kryder Edit” soon… if you listen to some of the latest Kryder radio shows, you’ll find it.

‘Money Maker’ will be available on Art&Music Recording’s soundcloud here.

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