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With years and years of

Dr. Shiver x Galoski – Tomorrow

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With years and years of experience in the music industry with being both a producer and a label head, the Italian mastermind Dr. Shiver knows it all. Continuing to navigate the music industry with ease, it’s no wonder why success comes easily to him when he has the amount of talent that he does. Being a multi-instrumentalist he first got into the music industry with the blues and jazz side, playing major festivals within that genre before switching over to the style he has come to be known for. Even the big leagues have recognised his talents, with Lost Frequencies even picking up one of his singles for a release on his label.

Now, the Art&Music Recording imprint boss has released his latest single, and he isn’t doing this one alone. Galoski has found worldwide success, whether its through tours in places like China and has also been supported by some of the heavyweights of the music scene, and this isn’t the first time Dr. Shiver has teamed up with Galoski. Dr. Shiver has previously mixed one of his tracks, and the pair have a good working relationship which has extended into the brand new track ‘Tomorrow’.

‘Tomorrow’ is the new party-starter anthem that’s been missing from your lives, but it’s here to stay and infect all your playlists from now on! Packed with more energy than you can even think of, it combines the best of both artist’s abilities into one larger-than-life tune which is sure to leave you stunned from the first second it starts when the play button is hit. The versatility of this track can carry it from mainstage to intimate club scenes and get the exact same reactions: foot stomps and massive roars of approval from the crowds.

To celebrate the release, Dr. Shiver and Art&Music Recording came with a cool Instagram stories filter (See below). Make sure to to use it while listening to the tag and tag the artists! The filter can be found in the Filter section of Dr. Shiver’s profile.

Dr Shiver

Out now, this is Dr. Shiver and Galoski with ‘Tomorrow’. Stream it on Spotify here & check out the music video below:

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