Solberjum talks about dream collaborations & latest track ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

A mainstay for all discussions concerning Dr. Shiver’s highly regarded Art&Music Recording imprint, French artist Solberjum has been a constant source of top notch tracks and the man behind some of the summer’s hottest productions. Having just collaborated with the label boss on one of the label’s latest tracks titled ‘Bla Bla Bla‘, Solberjum looks set to deliver something fresh off his own production desk in the shape of his track ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘. Touted as a ‘seamlessly inspirational track’, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ showcases Solberjum at his artistic best as he dishes out a punch-filled melody that is build around a stellar groovy foundation.

Another prized release in his music catalogue, Solberjum’s latest releases have helped him grind out a successful start to the year – from the ‘Brave Love’ remix to the collaboration with Dr. Shiver, there has hardly been any lows for the Art&Music Recording man.  Holding this to be an important moment in his career as 2018 reaches mid-way, we took the opportunity to sit down with the upbeat producer to talk about his latest releases, dream collaborations, about how his sound has been developing and, of course, about what the future holds.

Congratulations on your release ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. What was the initial idea for the track? How did the track come to life?

This one was an unexpected one, I was working in the studio on another track, and I was stuck on an arrangement and I was missing ideas. Then Bruno, Dr Shiver, came in the room and suggested to work on something else in order to refresh my ears and ideas. This is how the track was born, from refreshing needs !

And the funny story of this track is that Bruno had the good idea to put lyrics above the sample melody that I found and guess who is singing? Bruno himself!

Your previous collaboration with Dr. Shiver ‘Bla Bla Bla’ and now your latest single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, premiered by Don Diablo himself, received a massive amount of support from the industry’s leading DJs. How does it make you feel to receive support from so many acclaimed artists? How did this support affect how you work in the studio?

Well, I always feel blessed when it happens, I always feel like I have to tell to the world “Look who likes my music”!! I’m like a kid getting a new bike that he wants to show off to all of his friends and say “Look how cool I am”. To be honest their support affects my way of making music, cause it sounds like they gave me a stamp of approval, so if one of my tracks doesn’t receive that much of support, for me it means that I have to improve some aspects of my way of doing music. I don’t know if I’m wrong to think like that but this is how it goes for me

Although your productions are all under the same umbrella genre-wise, they’re still very different from each other. How do you keep being innovative while maintaining your signature sound?

I think my sound signature is now an asset of my skills. Technically, I guess that I like to use similar sounds and samples, which create a link between all my tracks. I think it’s a good tip for all the upcoming producers who want to create their sound identity.

The reason why I always try to be innovative is because I’m the kind of producer who wants to always move with his trendy taste and feelings. I can’t stay stuck in one direction, I like to feel and create something fashion-trendy. Some people think I should keep one direction, but I do believe that people today only care about good music and not the fact that the producer is constantly changing his style.

In your previous interview with us you claimed that you think that “today’s music is missing something that we lost after the 90’s” and that “when we bring a classic piece into today’s music, it’s like we completed a little gap.” – Is there a chance that you will rework more classic hits, giving them a modern twist? How does your love for 20th century hits affect how you work in the studio?

It’s really funny that you ask me this question, because only 2 days ago, I was asking Bruno, who is also Director of A&R at Art&Music Recording, if it was difficult to get clearance from a 90’s song because I have tons of ideas and songs that I would like to remake. So I hope we can make it possible cause the 90’s are part of my DNA.

I’m a kid from the 20th century, and I’m sure that all producers from my generation are all inspired by the diversity of the music during that time. From Rock, to Funk music, without forgetting the best years of Hip Hop music. This period affects and inspires my way of making music. I feel gifted for having known that period of music.

What can be your dream’s collab? Who would you like to work with?

I love to collaborate, even if I don’t do it that much. So there is a lot of artists that I’d love to collaborate with like Dyro, Tchami, Dj snake, etc… However there are 2 producers I’d be very very proud, (I’d almost call it a dream) , to collaborate with and they are Zedd and Skrillex. For me they’re two geniuses and they seem to be super cool guys.

As a singer, my dream would be to collaborate with Stevie Wonder or D’angelo or Drake, who are 3 of my favorite singers. But let’s be honest, if I have the chance to collaborate with Rihanna or Bruno Mars, it would be a f****g dream too!

What is next for Solberjum? Could you tell us a bit more about some of your upcoming tracks? Do you have any upcoming collaborations? Are you planning any interesting gigs?

Hard work pays off! I finally have a bunch of new tracks ready to be released and queuing for their turn. With my label Art&Music Recording, we have already scheduled 2 tracks after “Don’t Let Me Go”, one collaboration with Beowulf and one solo track, I’m sure you will love them.

In parallel, I’m releasing a brand new song, more radio-friendly with my label Broderskab for our Summer EP. I’ve collaborated with a very talented singer “Gee Universe”, I’m sure you’ll hear about him soon. I have 2 collaborations under constructions with my brothers Madara and Chuwe. I can’t wait to drop all the new music I have in store.

After a long period of time in the studio, I’m now ready to go on the road and hit clubs with all the brand new stuff. Stay tuned on my social networks for all upcoming gigs.

Get Solberjum’s latest track ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ on Art&Music Recording here.

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