REZZ is back with her brand new hypnotic single "Relax" along with its interesting music video that is out now via mau5trap.

REZZ drops new single “Relax” and its music video

Canadian DJ REZZ has jumped onto the electronic music scene as one of its youngest and most talented acts in recent history. After just announcing her debut album Mass Manipulation a few days ago, her first single from the project entitled “Relax” is now available for your listening pleasure via deadmau5’s record label mau5trap. The track is also accompanied by a music video that is very interesting to say the least.

The highly anticipated single is definitely minimal in that it only features a few different instruments and sounds, which has become part of REZZ’s unique style. As previously mentioned, the song comes with a somewhat creepy and mysterious video that might just be something straight out of a horror movie.

In talking on the music video’s production, she had this to say.

“Let’s just say, I was creeped out just being at the shoot. Tyler Hynes really crushed it with executing my visions for this track.”

Her album is set to release on August 4th on deadmau5’s label and will contain eight tracks that will showcase her incredible production abilities as we have seen so far.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think.