REZZ announces ‘Mass Manipulation’ album on Mau5trap

Canadian music producer and DJ REZZ is one of the youngest DJs in the electronic music scene but certainly one to keep your eye onHailing out of Niagra Falls, the young artist has adopted her distinctive identity regularly donning her black cap and mesmerizing round glasses.

REZZ has just announced her upcoming debut album ‘Mass Manipulation’ which is set to drop on August 4th via Deadmua5’s imprint Mau5trap. The album which features 8-tracks, with several collaborations, will facilitate the unique bass-laden, minimal sounds that she has come to produce herself. A succession of mind-bending and hypnotic works flow flawlessly as REZZ demonstrates her comprehensive grasp of electronic instruments.

REZZ is just as mysterious as she is unique. Her sounds adorns the dark crimson soundscapes and her eerie atmospheric tracks reminiscent to those established through Skrillex and Deadmau5.  At the age of just 22, the prolific DJ has toured and gained international fame over the last 2 years playing at some of the world’s biggest stages including Tomorrowland, Mysterland, and HolyShip. Ultimately her performances are just as exciting as her music.

Get ready for the release of Rezz’s album release and keep up to date with her upcoming performances and all the latest information by following her Facebook page here.