Hot Water

3LAU releases new Drum and Bass remix for “Hot Water”

It’s becoming increasingly common for artists to take a swing at remixing their own productions, whether it be to give it an energetic club twist or bringing it down a few notches for a relaxing listen. 3LAU has joined that list once again, this time revamping his collaboration with Audien, “Hot Water“. In the remix, we see 3LAU venturing into Drum and Bass territory, a style that has been making a steady comeback over the last year. Needless to say, he has not disappointed; breathing new life into the already infectious original.

The original version of “Hot Water” was at Drum & Bass speed (170 BPM), I took some time to explore the genre, finding some key songs that helped influence my remix. I wanted to maintain the melodic, euphoric vibes that I put into all of my work, and 2 months later I finally achieved an awesome balance. I’m beyond excited to finally share this remix. I plan to continue trying new things so that listeners can always expect something fresh from my hard work in the studio!”  – 3LAU

The American prodigy has proven himself time and time again over the last few years and this new piece is keeping that momentum alive. A perfectly amped-up version of the original, the D’n’B infused Hot Water is a banger of the highest caliber. Stream below.