Bingo Players Maarten

Bingo Players – Beat The Drum

Dishing out singles one after another, Bingo Players is back to the charts with yet another track titled ‘Beat The Drum’. Having already released three tracks in a row at his Hysteria Records, Maarten Hoogstraten takes yet again to the imprint to release the thumping new single. Following up on the likes of ‘Tic Toc‘ with Oomloud along with solo efforts ‘No. 1 Disco‘ and ‘Bust This,’ the Dutchman takes a marked turn from the current mainstream style of production – showcasing a return to a style that was somewhat similar to the one at the helm of the mainstream 3-4 years ago with its hard-hitting beat-work and a vocal snippet that gets you shuffling.

Undoubtedly a production that will see a lot of play-time on festival main stages across the world as it is a track that caters to audiences raring to have a go, it is also an impressive serving in terms of the style. Driving and almost palpable in terms of anticipation  and build-up, the track also does well as a signal of the production adeptness of Hoogstraten. An absolute taste-changer for the scene, ‘Beat The Drum’ has ticked all the boxes to be on top of the charts at the end of the month. If not then don’t be surprised to find it on top of your playlists.

You can purchase the track from Beatport or iTunes here. Stream the song below.

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