BlackGummy showcases latest ‘Monolith EP’ on mau5trap in exclusive interview

BlackGummy delivers his seventh official release on deadmau5’s record label, mau5trap, in the form of a brand new extended play. Featuring four mind-boggling tracks, this EP entitled ‘Monolith‘ showcases the Los Angeles based producer’s abilities to present such top-notch content and takes its audience through a riveting experience from beginning to end.

‘Monolith’ marks BlackGummy’s third EP and also possesses a specific theme just like its predecessors. His debut EP ‘Singularity’ is about a theoretical event in which artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, and his second EP ‘Impactor’ was inspired by the KT Impactor asteroid that extinguished dinosaurs. Now with ‘Monolith’, BlackGummy focuses on a theme of human communication and connection on the meaning of life, specifically, through symbols and shrines such as Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Stonehenge.

The EP kicks off with the dark and mysterious “Iconoclast“, which perfectly sets the tone for the entire release. “Arp Makes Sphinx Purr” follows and provides a more progressive vibe for the listeners. Afterwards, “Desert Fire” brings the underground house sounds right through the speakers, driven by clear-cut melodies and deep basslines. In conclusion, “Edifice” mesmerizes the audience with its enigmatic synths and beats, keeping the same mystifying feels until the end.

BlackGummy is the brainchild of producer Iman Marouf, who discovered this entity during a trip to Asia and the Middle East. He has a knack for high-quality sound design and music production, and he continues to hone his skills by working inside the studio tirelessly. His music can certainly speak for itself, and has been supported by the likes of Feed Me, NERO, REZZ, and deadmau5 himself. Having also performed at major venues such as New York’s Webster Hall and Exchange in Los Angeles, and at prominent festivals including Electric Daisy Carnival and Middlelands, BlackGummy’s rise toward stardom should only continue, especially with the release of his latest EP.

We sat down with the mastermind behind this brilliant EP to discuss inspirations, latest EP and future plans in an exclusive interview. Read below:

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I’ve been making music ever since I can remember. My uncle wrote/produced a really unique-sounding classical album in the early ‘90s which was one of the early sparks of my curiosity in music production, and led me to discover how music is made using synths and computers.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

deadmau5 was definitely one of my biggest influences and I’ve always had a lot of respect for him as an artist/producer. Growing up, I didn’t know of many producers as capable of making so much good music in so many different styles. He’s really an all around great producer. Other than mau5 I’ve always enjoyed Gesaffelstein, Eric Prydz, Chemical Brothers, Feed Me and many more.

You’ve just released a massive EP titled “Monolith” on deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint. Could you tell us how the EP came to life?

Monolith is what links my two previous EPs (Singularity and Impactor) together. Singularity takes place after artificial intelligence surpasses humans to an irreversible point. Impactor took place before humans existed and was the key event which created an environment where humans could exist and Monolith takes place in between both of those events during the uprising of humans.

Your remix for Moguai’s classic “Oyster” was featured in mau5trap’s 10 year anniversary and you’ve also played alongside deadmau5 in Canada last month. Could you tell us a bit more on your relationship with Joel, and how you became a member of the mau5trap family?

I became part of the mau5trap family in 2015 with my first official artist release “Lullaby” on the mau5trap compilation “We Are Friends Volume 4”. Music is what brings us all together so its definitely the core of our relationship. Playing Rebel in Toronto and staying at Joel’s house was definitely one of the highlights of this year.

What does your schedule look like for the rest of 2017? Can we expect new music from you, or any live events you’re looking forward to playing?

I have a lot of shows coming up for the rest of 2017 with the Monolith Tour in full force. There is one in particular I’m really excited for which ill be announcing in the next few weeks, but overall I’ll be busy with I think around 30 more shows before the end of the year. As for music, you can always expect new music from me.

‘Monolith EP’ is out now on mau5trap and you can take a listen to it below.