Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (Backclash Remix feat. Aarya)

India is the home to many of the electronic dance music scene’s brightest and most promising young artists. Yet another talented export from this country is Aman Vanjani, or better known as Backclash. After releasing his debut single a couple of months back, this Indian producer is back with a brand new remix of Justin Bieber‘s hit “Love Yourself“, which features singer and songwriter Aarya.

Hailing from the city of Mumbai, Backclash has become notorious for his uplifting tropical house sounds. With an education and experience in sound engineering and music production, he also possesses the skills that make himself stand out within the industry. Along with some inspiration from the likes of Kygo, Matoma, and Thomas Jack, Backclash’s music has consistently provided many listeners a treat.

From his first track called “Never A Goodbye” to his remix of Hicari’s song “Stellar”, Backclash has certainly proven his status as one of the most talented and creative musicians of this business. Now with the release of a majestic remix of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, Backclash’s rise to superstardom should only expedite.

With an impeccable combination of Aarya’s vocals and Backclash’s instrumentals, this track provides a heartwarming auditory experience from start to finish. The remix also delivers some euphoric vibes with its tropical house sounds that are suitable under any dance event under the hot, bright sun. Filled with rejuvenating melodies and thumping beats, this production, overall, is yet another home-run-hit for Backclash.

Check out the remix below and you can grab a free download here.