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Following their extremely successful debut

Galantis – The Aviary (Album Review)

Home Uncategorized Galantis – The Aviary (Album Review)

Following their extremely successful debut album titled Pharmacy, the Swedish chart-topping duo known as Galantis have just released a sophomore album, which might just top their previous work, both in sales and sonic appeal. The duo’s second studio album has already stormed the charts with its lead single ‘No Money‘, as well as the slightly out of character collaboration with American singer/songwriter Rozes, titled ‘Girls on Boys’. Given that the first album shot all the way to the #1 spot on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart,’The Aviary‘ certainly comes with huge expectations.

Continually progressing forward, the DJ duo made up of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw have comfortably stepped outside their own bounds, while beautifully straddling the line between their unique sound and the commercial market, the perfect recipe for success.

‘The Aviary’ starts off in a familiar direction, sporting the bouncing bass lines, uplifting melodies, and catchy vocals that listeners have come to expect. Tracks like ‘True Feeling‘, ‘Salvage (Up All Night)’, ‘Hello‘ and ‘Love On Me‘ follow a similar pattern, taking elements from every progressive form of house music, from disco to future house. Tracks that stray from the formula ever so slightly, yet undoubtedly carry the spirit of Galantis, are ‘Hunter‘ and ‘Girls on Boys’, with tracks like ‘Hey Alligator‘ giving a sneaky shoutout to 90’s drum & bass. Furthermore, one of the more stand-out tracks is ‘Call Me Home‘, a high-energy fusion of pop, rock, and house.

Overall the album meets every expectation while evolving ever so slightly, achieving every goal it set out for, moving crowds in clubs, pubs, fitness centers, and festivals, all the while climbing every popular chart, all the way to the top.

Listen to Galantis’ brand new album ‘The Aviary’ below.

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