Ministry of Sound UK

Howwler – Chapter One EP

Mysterious producer Howwler – whose name is inspired by the wild, animal sounds used in his productions, has just released his debut EP in the form of ‘Chapter One‘. An incredible way to make an entrance into the music scene, the two track selection is our latest peek into Howwler’s mysterious identity following his recent single ‘9 Times‘.

The opening track “Midnight” will induce goosebumps with its serrating synths, evil cackling, and of course, the wolf’s howl. Produced to perfection, the dark and intense atmosphere is delivered through glitchy, electric leads and cutting edge drums. Similarly, The driving bassline on “Signs & Wonders” makes it a raw dancefloor filler, aimed at fans of the underground who have a discerning taste and a penchant for music as dark as their black club outfits.

Howwler’s sound is reminiscent of the legendary Gesaffelstein in his “Pursuit” period; it is an assault to the senses in which an equally twisted listener will find a deep and hedonistic pleasure. And while his identity remains a mystery, Howwler cannot hide in the shadows forever, and we are already looking forward to electrifying new tracks from this upcoming talent.

Stream Howwler’s “Midnight” EP on Spotify below and let us know your thoughts: