KSHMR releases remarkable collab with India’s Sonu Nigam, “Underwater”

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The autumn season sure is a busy one this year for KSHMR, the 29-year old Niles Hollowell-Dhar, who is just a few weeks fresh of his powerful release “Power” with none other then Hardwell. On top of that, he promised to release one track a week of his Hindi-vocal infused EP “Materia”, that saw daylight in August. That promise was kept, but 2017 wasn’t anywhere near from being over for KSHMR then, as today’s huge release of “Underwater” featuring Sonu Nigam proves.

The highly anticipated collaboration between the two is quite an extraordinary one. The 44-year old Indian musician¬† – who goes by the nicknames “Lord of Chords” and “The Elvis Presley of India” – is considered the God of Hindi music and a huge star in his home country of India. KSHMR, who has Indian roots himself as well, already dropped a teaser of their collaboration on Instagram earlier this week, referring to Nigam as “a true legend”. On Facebook, he went on to indicate that the release of “Underwater” therefore is very special to him. Going by the numerous positive reactions on the Instagram post (especially from Indian music lovers), it is safe to say that fans are going to love this edition of Friday the 13th, which turns out to be a lucky day for them instead.

The progressive / electro house tune “Underwater” is released on KSHMR’s record label Dharma Worldwide, which he founded just this summer. By creating the label, the Indo-American superstar DJ has said to draw on talent all around the globe, including India obviously. The first release on Dharma Worldwide, “Festival Of Lights” featuring young Dutch bigroom producer Maurice West, was already one that was heavily based on Indian culture, but the collab with Sonu Nigam may be considered as an even bigger step forward for the Indian music community in today’s borderless EDM world.

As said, “Underwater” is the successor to KSHMR and Hardwell’s energetic banger “Power” and you can check it out here below.