Numa Lesage – Nature Simple (Album Review)

For an artist who is equally able to play the likes of a piano, guitar and the drums, Lyon born DJ and Techno record producer Numa Lesage has made quite a mark of his own in the present day industry. Borrowing and inspiring his own with the traditions of Jazz and classical music, Lesage’s story is that of the often but not everyday musicians who look to ply their minds in the relatively free musical waters of the Techno industry. Having already established himself with the advent of his Lesage Entertainment venture and the Instudio Recordings imprint which runs under it, Numa Lesage has gained appreciation for his work in the industry beyond simply producing music. But that is not to say that his debut album ‘Superposition’ and the ‘Nature Simple’ album in question have not established that he is nothing short of a production virtuoso. Released last week, ‘Nature Simple’ is a reminder that Techno is yet to be outdone by dance music’s other sub-genres in terms of that atmospheric charm that it carries beyond the 4/4 beats.

The album opens with the aptly titled track ‘Morning,’ which is arguably a primer on the album itself. The clarity in the mastering and mixing are aspects that one appreciates and the album is a great example of that. As the delayed distortions from the first track weigh into ‘As a Life,’ the album gathers pace and a more melodic touch to it. Hisses and snares take over and the calming influence of ‘Nothing To Say’ seeps in and is, surely an underappreciated part of the album. Its the break from one aspect to another that the listener can experience in ‘Simple Think’ – the seriousness of the first three tracks is broken by the playfulness in the present track.

Shot straight back into the fray with ‘Communion,’ the album receives its first Tech House influenced tune, carrying a more beach built than others. ‘Renaissance’ bags the title for being the track that offers the listener with a view to have a laid-back listen to the masterpiece as it unfolds. A more concrete approach is seen in the style of production of ‘Under The Sun’ but that idea too dissolves no sooner than it took birth as the artful and low-fi type production of ‘Experience’ turns the tide. ‘Première Rencontre’ stands out as the more upbeat and chirpy productions as Lesage emphasizes clearly with the sharp synth notes. ‘Creative’ marks the curtain call for the album and is a work of reconstruction as it begins with a dark theme and takes the listener down a swirly road of further eeriness.

Quite like the work of Escher, Numa Lesage’s album is a treat at every instance. It breaks away and rejoins at unpredictable ends which adds the artists’ true finishing touch and lets the listener be the master of the process of listening to the album. All in all, a mature and masterclass output from Lesage’s production desk, ‘Nature Simple’ is a statement sophomore release from one of France’s best.

The album is available for a quick purchase here through Beatport.

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