Malifoo opens up about his origins, influences and latest track ‘Talkbox’

Relatively new to the scene, DJ and producer Malifoo has been plying his trade to his liking – churning out tracks as per his sound and preference. Another adept producer who’s on the rise, Malfioo joins the ranks of a handful of new producers who keep their peculiar sound at the forefront of their artistry. And if his latest release on Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music imprint is to signify anything, it is that the producer’s sound has finally found a perfect platform for its display.

Titled ‘Talkbox,’ the track sees Malifoo take infectious vocal layover and infuse it with the funkiest of beat-work from his production desk. A tantalizing and mellifluous single, ‘Talkbox’ has set a real high bar for the expectations from Malifoo’s future productions. Nevertheless, keeping within the moment, we sat down with the talented Malifoo for some quick Q&As.

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music? And, what inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I have been a producer and DJ for at least 5 years now. My music started when I was very young. I got a lot of references from Rock to Pop music. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the music industry somehow. So I started playing at parties but I was always wanting something more… Something to make people feel the music.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

My love for Disco started when I bought my first Daft Punk vinyl in 2005. I was fascinated about all this stuff. One of my biggest mentors was Ramilson Maia from Kaleidoscopio. He taught me how to produce and create music. I’m really grateful to have known him. So definitely, both of these artists have had a huge impact for my productions.

You’ve just released your debut track ‘Talkbox’ on Armada Music? What was the inspiration behind this record?

Yes! I really believed in funky/soul/disco music and I wanted to push some pop vibes for this track too. Guiding inspirations for me on this track was from the likes of The Weeknd and Michael Jackson.

Speaking of the track, it received the support from A-listers such as Hardwell and Borgeous. How does that feel to get support from artists like that?

It feels really great! Actually, any type of support from fans and artists are amazing! It gives that feeling that people are understanding your vision as an artist.

What’s next musical step for Malifoo? Any interesting releases lined up? Upcoming collaboration? Remixes?

Yeah! A lot of new music coming up. My next release is coming on Armada [Music] and it’s a little different from my latest track, but with the same feelings on it. Stay tuned!

You can purchase ‘Talkbox’ from Beatport here.

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