Steve Aoki X Celine Dion

Steve Aoki and Céline Dion perform remix at Las Vegas Benefit

Steve Aoki surprised fans at the Omnia Las Vegas benefit concert this week with special guest vocals from none other than the legendary Céline Dion. The French Canadian queen belted out her iconic track ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in a special remix form by Aoki.

Dion is known for her wild gesticulations, and accompanied the admittedly sick drop with signature dance moves, clad in a silver disco jumpsuit. Aoki himself got into the spirit of the moment by joining Dion in her little dance breakdown, although his stiff moves were left wanting next to Dion’s unabashed surrender to the moment.

Dion is synonymous with Vegas, ushering the headlining residency concept of Sinatra from yesteryear into the modern era with her acclaimed and lucrative blockbuster residencies at Omnia’s home casino, Caesar’s Palace. Although she’s frequently derided for a perceived lack of artistry and over-sentimentality of her lyrics, Dion first forayed into dance music all the way back in 2003 with her ‘One Heart’ album. Steve Aoki himself is a Vegas mainstay, playing at the elite clubs on the Vegas Strip and raking in millions of dollars in the process. That the two joined together for this unforgettable and special moment shows how much the two care about the city they have called home.

In the wake of the deadly shooting last month, EDM’s superstar DJs came together to prove that the art of music is greater and more powerful than the senseless actions of one madman. Indeed, they raised over a million dollars in donations for the benefit of the victims.

Check out the performance below: