Axwell & Ingrosso – Dreamer

2017 has shaped up to be the most prodigious year for Axwell & Ingrosso to date. We have seen the culmination of years of hard work come to fruition, as well as the unprecedented talent of the legendary Swedish duo in its full strength. One by one, mysterious unreleased ID’s have been given new life and released to the world. Of all the unreleased projects that have come to be debuted by the duo, none have come to captivate and strike a chord with listeners more than the monumental “Dreamer”.

Axwell & Ingrosso first revealed “Dreamer” at the Heineken Music Hall during their historic performance at Amsterdam Dance Event in October of 2016. It was instantly recognized and toted as something special by listeners and fans throughout the whole dance community. So much so, that later the track started to be ascribed the title of “Don’t You Worry Child 2.0”. A track bearing that unofficial title surely reflected the prowess and noteworthiness of the ID.

Naturally, we have to ask the question, what made this song so special? Was it the soaring vocals? The euphoric melody? The emotional vibe that made us reminisce about the glory days of progressive house? Possibly, a combination of everything. Axwell & Ingrosso were shot to stardom because of their emotional, energetic, and uplifting music.“Dreamer” truly reflects everything we love about the Swedish superstars. In the past few months, “Dreamer” has evolved over time since the date of its inception. The first version followed the same vein as earlier releases such as “Something New” or even “Dawn”. The “progressive house version” as it was recognized by fans and followers throughout the community became one of the most fabled versions amongst the 3 we have been exposed too. This version “took us back” to the time when progressive house reigned supreme. Axwell & Ingrosso played this version at Creamfields Steel Yard in Liverpool in November of 2016. Then, in December of 2016 at Sunburn Festival in Pune, India another rendition was shown. The drop was re-engineered to reflect the sound of deep house trends at the time. The vocals were kept intact, the melody stayed the same, however the main hook of the song was changed. In March of 2017, the version also made an appearance at a private party held in Kamio in London.

As the months went by, the ID slipped in silence as no release date was given and the duo’s busy summer tour schedule was in full swing. The topic of the “Dreamer ID” was brought into the limelight again when Axwell & Ingrosso announced the upcoming landing of their “More Than You Know EP” released in May of 2017. The EP, which featured the highly successful summer anthem “More Than You Know”, the emotional “Dawn”, the dance floor weapon “How Do You Feel Right Now”, and the chilled-out Daft Punky “Renegade” silenced any thoughts of an official “Dreamer” release date in the near future. As “More Than You Know” started to gain huge traction amongst the scene and commercially was a success, fans wondered if “Dreamer” would be designed to be more like its big brother. These rumours surfaced as fans caught a glimpse of the project yet again from the Instagram stories of Axwell playing snippets of the song. This brings us to the third chapter of “Dreamer”. As it became more evident that the song was taking its final form, fans and members of the dance community started to discuss the song and express their opinions.

On November 30th, the Duo suddenly announced the release date for “Dreamer”. The vocals were rumoured to be from the talented Michel Zitron however we now see they are performed by another seasoned and talented dance music singer, Trevor Guthrie. The song features the same emotional and melodic piano line, the blissful and heartfelt vocals, and the impeccable production work we’d expect from the duo. The drop is highly reminiscent of “More Than You Know”, addressing the duos growing pop audience and changing attitudes of the house music scene. Granted, no song of this caliber exists without rumours and mixed reviews. For fans of the “progressive house” side of Axwell & Ingrosso the latest release “Dreamer” comes as a mild disappointment, for newfound followers of the duo the track is another future pop hit that comes hot of the heels of their critically acclaimed “More Than You Know”.

Time will tell if there will be another release of “Dreamer” in the future. In May of 2016 “Thinking About You” was released with very similar feedback fans are seeing now for “Dreamer”. The next month, as a response to the outcry from fans, the “festival version” featuring the  progressive house style from the older version was released, to the satisfaction of fans and artists alike.

Axwell & Ingrosso featuring Trevor Guthrie “Dreamer” is out now on Refune Records. Wrap your ears around it and let us know how you feel!