CLMD – Phases

CLMD (Martin Danielle) delivers well with his debut album “Phases” out on his UPNORTH recordings imprint. The joyous album is a collection of CLMD’s musical endeavor and artistic expression. Speaking of the importance of the album for his career, Martin describes how the album took over 2 years to complete and how it represents the musical journey that Martin has embarked on throughout the course of his career. Fans have referred to CLMD as “the true hidden treasure of house music”. Hailing from Norway, Martin Danielle has toured around North America and Europe extensively and has been touted highly by pioneers such as David Guetta, Tiesto, and Pete Tong.

Pure, emotional, and jam packed with feel good vibes, his debut album “Phases” is a serene compilation of the unique flavor that CLMD brings to house music . He has brought in top notch collaborators for every song on his emblematic 10 track album  such as Astrid S and Alida, whom we have seen before in earlier releases “Dust” and “Night Train”. “Dust” is an especially important token single from the album, with over 13 million streams on Spotify alone. We also see some new collaborations such as Shaun Bartlett, Skinny Days, and Nicolai Herwell. For those who are new to CLMD, we are sure you’ve caught glimpse of him in the past. Martin with Carl Louis – the former one-half of the CLMD duo – was the mastermind behind two of progressive house’s pioneering tracks, namely “Black Eyes and Blue” and“The Stockholm Syndrome”. Martin is a revered member of the house music community and his latest album comes as the next big step in his decorated career.

The Norwegian producer has stated that he needed to find the right building blocks for his latest album, stemming from acoustic, organic instrumentation to the most slick synth work, the album keeps listeners engaged. Diving in, the first track we have on deck is “Slow Me Down” with fellow Norwegian songwriters/producers Skinny Days. The opening guitar riff is a nice breath of fresh air before diving into some rockin’ synth hits and catchy vocals. Skinny Days are known for their approach in combining Scandinavian vibes with club orientated dance music. Next, we have “Dust” with Astrid S. “Dust” is one of CLMD’s most successful records to date. Listeners fall in love with the peaceful instrumentation, calming vocals, and exceptional dance-ability.

CLMD has also been known over the years for the aura he creates with his music. The attitude present in the next single “Wide Awake” with The Guest and the Host is a textbook example of this. The free, open spirit of “Wide Awake” tells a story from start to finish. “Not Turning Older” with Alida is a groovy record with some distinct synth work and neat vocals. “Never Wanna Lose You” with Justine Skye and Jesper Jenset is a fun, easy going record with smooth synths and a contagious vocal line in the drop. The next collaboration “Out Of My Mind” is a side of CLMD that fans might not have seen before – deep sound and hip hop inspired vocals from Dreamon come as a pleasantly surprising record on the album and show the producers versatility.

“Rainbows” with Shaun Bartlett is a cornerstone track on the album. The clean, sunny atmosphere we feel in the song is nothing but tranquil satisfaction. Shaun Bartlett is a British-Norwegian singer known for his performances on The Voice in 2012 and worked closely with Magne Furuholmen from A-Ha. “Stronger” with Davion Farris and Farah Ash is a catchy record with pop and house influences. The progressive house track “Phoenix” with Fröder sinks listeners into an ambient groove with pulsing chords and nifty vocals from Fröder. The two artists collaborated on the iconic “The Stockholm Syndrome” released on Ultra Records in 2013. Coming as the perfect close to the magical album, “Into the Night” with Nicolai Herwell is a moving progressive house record with soft vocals and stellar instrumentation.

Stream the ‘Phases’ album below.