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Dr. Shiver drops unplugged version of ‘Brave Love’

Following the success of his trackBrave Love‘ with Jmi Sissoko, Dr. Shiver has now released a tantalizing unplugged version of the highly successful Deep House track. After its release on his own imprint; Art&Music Recoding, just one month ago, the track has since amassed an incredible 717,000 SoundCloud plays!

While the original track is driven by a funky Deep House bass and summer-soaked acoustic guitar in conjunction with JMI’s vocals, the unplugged version’s simple combination of a grand piano and vocals exposes the song’s rich, raw passion. The intricate and delicate sound of the piano compliments Jmi’s vocals perfectly, giving this popular Deep House song a whole new perspective.

Having established himself quite well in the EDM scene, Dr. Shiver has played at prestigious events such as Tomorrowland Belgium and Nicky Romero‘s 5 Years Of protocol event at ADE this year.

Following such a successful year, Dr. Shiver thought it’d only be fitting to reward his loyal fans with an unplugged version of ‘Brave Love’.

“Words can’t tell how much we appreciate your continuous support so far! This has  been a huge year for us and we feel like just a “thank you” is not enough, so we have a present for you: this is the unplugged version of “Brave Love!”

With successful tracks such as ‘Something‘ having been released on Protocol Recordings with Kazi and ‘Wusu‘, Dr. Shiver is showing no signs of slowing down. The Italian DJ also dropped a powerful, energetic remix of Axwell Λ Ingrosso‘s ‘Together‘ earlier this year.

We sat down with Dr. Shiver to discuss the unplugged version of ‘Brave Love’ and his musical background with live instruments, read below:

The unplugged version of ‘Brave Love’ is truly mesmerizing. The piano gives the original a whole new perspective. What inspired you to do this?

Well, I must tell you a little secret: almost every time I write a new track, I always start from piano / voice only. In my opinion, if a song is strong, it needs to work just like that: piano and voice or guitar and voice. Once the whole production was finally done, I thought “damn, the initial piano version was not bad at all”. So I decided to develop a proper version for my fans as a giveaway track and this unplugged version was born.

When and where did you learn to play the piano? it gives off such a delicate and intricate vibe.

Actually, I must say that I was originally born as a piano player. I started to play when I was just 5. My uncle gave me a small piano toy as a gift and, just by trusting my ears and trusting them, I started to play kids tunes and lullabies. I have cultivated this passion year by year, simply by practicing day and night on my own. I just took some piano lessons for a few months and everything I know is mostly self-taught. Back in the days I was just playing the piano. Initially it was just classical music, after a while I added Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Gospel, Funk.

I had the honor to play with huge names of the music industry such as BB King, Blue Lue Marini and many more but, you know, this kind of music does not really pay out, plus you have to consider that being a “black music piano player” in Italy does not gives you many chances. So I kept playing my piano, but I have focused on my productions where melodies and harmonies are always predominant.

You can enter “Brave Love” competition and submit your remix here.

Dr. Shiver proves once again he’s not just a high-profile DJ/Producer but multi-talented artist able to perform a multitude of instruments. Listen to Dr. Shiver’s unplugged version of ‘Brave Love’ below!

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