Hello There Games release ‘Invector’ featuring Avicii

Months ago, Hello There Games teased their new game ‘Invector‘ featuring music from Swedish superstar Avicii. The rhythm-based video game released exclusively for PlayStation 4, saw its release on December 6 and features a 22-song tracklist, including songs such as ‘The Nights‘, ‘Waiting For Love‘ and ‘Gonna Love Ya‘.

Each hit song has its own unique level design and includes three difficulties to master. As a result, the game welcomes a wide range of players with different skill sets and desires, encouraging everyone from casual players to hardcore rhythm gamers to pick up a controller and have a go!

While the game has drawn many comparisons to other titles such as ‘Audiosurf‘ and the iOS game series ‘Tap Tap Revenge‘, Invector’s unique soundtrack, combined with its five mesmerising, futuristic worlds, gives players a rich, dynamic experience.

In a press release, PlayStation explain how Avicii came into the picture:

“Avicii gave us access to his awesome music and his creative input regarding the overall experience of the game. This was extra valuable when we explored aspects of playing with friends, and in creating that feeling of partying at a concert with your closest mate”

Invector is now available exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

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