Best Ghost Producer looks to shed the negativity around Ghost Production

While most would agree that to go head-first against the deified logic of a community would be ill-advised, the daring Best Ghost Producer initiative looks to go against the grain by taking on the Ghost Production lifestyle. While the phrase ‘Ghost Production’ has always had the community thinking twice about the ethical questions that surround it, most forget – and are, hence, quick to judge such initiatives – that Ghost Production has long been a part of the Electronic music community.

Whereas some producers such as Maarten Vorwerk are more open about their work and contribution to the charts from behind the limelight, there are those who choose to work without disclosing their identity – for starters, Vorwerk speaks positively on an initiative such as those undertaken by Best Ghost Producer. There essentially is no need to justify the Ghost Production lifestyle and one look at the kind of talent that the folks behind the Best Ghost Producer business posses would render ineffective any such need.

With adept production capabilities and an experience that shines through their versatility at the production desk, the production services offered by the setup are varied. While they are solely focused on music production and mastering services, their services also extend to things such as Artist Management, vocals, lyrics and even a charming melody itself. What’s more is that the setup is quick to show its transparency and openness towards the ideas and options of the person availing their services. This aspect alone is influential in showcasing that such production services may indeed be the meeting point of the highly opinionated music scene today. It may be well worth pondering what influence these services may have on the future of dance music but the idea that the next big hit of the coming years may be off the desks of the Best Ghost Producer is one that is increasingly becoming hard to forego.

You can contact their services through their website page here.

You can check out some of their other productions here on their Soundcloud.


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