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Different people have preferences when it comes to music genres. However, most people tend to love a little bit of many genres and will listen to the different genres depending on their mood. The same applies to music creators. They create crossover genres or mash-ups of two or more genres to produce sounds that appeal to audiences beyond their circle. In this

Living in the modern world means being constantly exposed to loud noises. Find out about the best smartphone decibel meter apps to take care of your hearing.  What Is A Sound Meter App A sound meter app is an application programmed to pick up surrounding noises and evaluate the level of sound. A sound level meter app is a more convenient solution

Since the level of students’ engagement during the classes is constantly dropping in the last couple of years, according to some expertized reviews, educators are in search of interesting and productive tools that will help students regain their usual activity. Fairly said, they are often getting attracted by surrounding things as well as the socializing aspect. It means that students

For millennia, music has been an element of human society and can be considered the future of entertainment. Although it has long been recognised that music impacts our emotions and moods, the causes for this impact have only lately been investigated. Now, brain scans and psychological studies reveal the mechanisms that lead to mood alterations or regulation when music is

Have you ever paused to ask yourself why there is always casino sound effects or background music in a land-based casino? Or even online casinos that have soundtracks picked from popular music? The music and soundtracks you find in casinos are not there by mistake. There are various goals that casino owners and gaming software developers want to achieve through such

The electronic dance music industry is well accustomed to artists with hidden identities, but one producer still wrapped under secrecy is Raver Horse. Details surrounding the 'horse-headed individual' have remained a mystery for some time, however, one thing is for certain, the dance music producer knows how to create a rave-ready track. Kicking off with their first release of the year, the

In 2021, it seems as though dance music movies are all the rage, with several documentaries being made about some of the biggest stars in the scene. With Hollywood A-Listers like Zac Efron and Emily Rajatkowski taking centre stage in 2015's 'We Are You Friends', complete with Tchami-influenced soundtrack, dance music movies have never been more popular. Here, We Rave

Some people may claim to never listen to dance music. While they may be missing out on some of the best new releases and innovative artists across music, they are also probably not telling the truth. They may not choose to listen to dance music electively, but they will do so in the course of their day to day lives.

With DJ's taking an extended break from touring due to COVID-19, many are now investing their efforts in providing engaging dance music radio content as a means of bringing you the latest anthems. With the pandemic interrupting our daily routines over the past nine months, we have seen a drastic change in our listening habits. With many having to work from

Since the birth of modern electronic dance music in the late 80s and early 90s, the genre has transcended media, cultures, and lifestyles. It has become a true constant not only in music, but in wider pop culture. After the turn of the millennium, dance music’s appeal truly exploded, boosted by its rise in popularity outside of its traditional home in

As a genre, dance music offers some advantages that no other can. Principal among these is the flexibility which can go into backing an dance music track. While other genres can be confined to certain sounds, dance music can bind many together, opening a range of possibilities for both listeners and artists. Avicii is a popular example of this, with