Nervo Share Advice for Next Level Music Production and Songwriting

Nervo, the renowned sibling duo, was featured in a special interview with Splice to discuss their latest sample pack release, Vocal Jams. They provided insight into how music producers and songwriters can take action steps to improve their creative output. In this conversation, Nervo offered five valuable tips that provide great insight into how they honed their songwriting craft.


The first tip from Nervo is always to embrace the spirit of experimentation. With technology and music constantly evolving, they stressed the significance of pushing boundaries, venturing into uncharted territories, and fearlessly trying new techniques. By doing so, artists can unearth fresh sounds and styles that distinguish their work from the rest. “When making tunes for NERVO, we normally start with a chord progression or lyrical idea and build up from there. This process was slightly more creative in the sense that we weren’t worried about tempos or whether NERVO would release something, so we could be more open to where the music took us.”


The duo’s second tip revolves around layering sounds and melodies. According to Nervo, this technique adds depth and dimension to compositions, creating textures that capture listeners’ attention and emotions. The importance of having a chorus or surface on a song’s vocal is further elaborated. By skillfully interweaving different elements, artists can create a musical experience that resonates on multiple levels. 


Moreover, Nervo emphasized the importance of crafting a captivating hook—the melodic focus of a song that is often the most memorable part of a song. Now more than ever, attention spans are seemingly at an all-time low, and a strong hook is critical to the success of a piece. A catchy hook acts as an anchor for a record. Their advice to fellow musicians is to dedicate ample time and energy to perfecting this integral songwriting aspect. “The main hook’s melody and lyrics are things we try to focus on. Sometimes, a song can be successful with just a vibe, but there’s nothing like a huge hook to lock you in.”


Nervo is no stranger to collaboration, working with Kylie Minogue, Steve Aoki, Miley Cyrus, and other world-renowned artists. They believe that collaboration thrives on a solid level of communication. The duo advocates for open and transparent dialogue between collaborators, ensuring that ideas flow seamlessly and creative visions align.


Finally, Nervo’s last but certainly not least tip is to uphold unwavering persistence. The road to artistic success can be complex and challenging, but the duo firmly believes that determination and positive thinking can surmount any obstacle. They encouraged aspiring musicians to never give up on their dreams and keep practicing. “You’re learning from every angle—creatively, professionally, etc. Popular music tastes change, so keep making tunes that inspire and touch you, and no doubt someone out there will eventually hear the magic you’re feeling and creating. Keep going!“. Nervo’s emphasis on creativity, teamwork, and perseverance are principles that all music producers and songwriters could benefit from implementing. 

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Image Credits: Chloe Paul/Big Beat Records

Information in researching this article has been sourced via Splice’s website.

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