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The new Skullcandy Mod Bluetooth earbuds are set to change the market. The American company is known for many headphones that come at a reasonable and rather low price, but they deliver a great sound and experience. Nowadays Bluetooth earbuds are a must-have and everybody has at least one pair of them. But the price range of high-quality earbuds is

Equalizer (EQ) next to the compressor is the basic tool used at every stage of music production. As an audio engineer or producer, you just can't live without good EQ plugins which are one of the most basic and important tools. You should have several types of eq plugins because each one introduces a different character of the sound and not

Virtual Studio Technology is one of the best examples of the unbelievable advances in technology that have accompanied in the 21st century. In today's article, we've gathered as many as seven (or 10 in fact) of the best Guitar amp VST plugins, which should be on the computer of every guitar sound fanatic! Buying a professional guitar in many cases

It was certainly a couple of nights to remember back in April- Swedish House Mafia made their long-awaited return, playing alongside pop superstar The Weeknd for a pair of Coachella sets that were absolutely immaculate. Both shows were truly unforgettable for a variety of reasons, not least of all the massive setup the Scandinavian trio used in the performances. Without further ado, take

Matan Zohar, better known as Mat Zo, is a UK-based DJ, music producer, composer, and digital tool developer. Ableton's platform 'Max for Live' gives you access to a vast amount of instruments, effects, and tools for music productions, performances, and visuals made by engineers, DJ/producers, or anyone that's familiar with plugin development. Mat announced his new MIDI editing tool on Max

Maono is a rising name in the field of Podcast & Live-streaming market. With a wide variety of products ranging from Microphones, Audio Interfaces, Headphones & Studio accessories, they have built a solid userbase in a very short span of time. Their products are cost-effective and aim to serve the regular needs of podcasters, gamers & YouTubers. They recently launched

Apple is facing a lawsuit after a child's family alleges that the boys ear drums were shattered while wearing AirPods. The incident in question occurred in 2020, while the boy, who is unnamed because of his age, was watching Netflix on a cell phone with AirPods in when an Amber Alert suddenly rang through the device. The then 12 year old

ADSR has launched its latest plugin Drum Machine. It comes in with a wide range of options and features for producers. The brand ADSR is widely known for its Sample Packs, Plugins, online courses, and producer website. Everything a producer needs is on the website and they have created a big producer community. Down below is an in depth look into their

Every year, the biggest plugin developers come up with their newest assets. With so many plugin developers in the market, time and again we witness revolutionary and unique plugins. Some of them come at a cost that isn't affordable by many upcoming producers across the globe. To their advantage, there are quite a few free plugins on the market that