Compression is the demonstration of diminishing the dynamic scope of a sound source to make the normal volume stronger. Compression can shape sounds, change their tone, control drifters, and make sounds stronger by diminishing the most intense levels and intensifying the calmest levels. A more advanced form of compression is multiband compression which cleaves the frequency spectrum toward separate bands. This permits

If the autumn & winter season, where the days are shorter, the nights cooler and the sun is less visible outside the window, was to be reflected in the music genre, it would definitely be Ambient or Chillout music. Melodic waves, nostalgic mood, calm beat rather without vocal layer and relaxing atmosphere. In such a short sentence you could describe

Before we get into workflow and details about plugins we recommend, let's clear to those who don't know what is an acapella. In the easiest way, acapella (or a capella) is sung by a person or group of people or just a vocal without any musical instruments. The ability to transform any song into an acapella version is very useful at

808 sub kicks form an essential part of the modern-day bass music. As a producer of trap, hip-hop, dubstep, and all the heavier varieties of electronic music, it is essential that you have a good collection of subs & kicks in your library - be it in the form of ready-made samples, one-shots, loops, or created by yourself thanks to

At the end of this summer's Pioneer DJ prepared a real treat and at the same time a mystery, for the whole DJ world. On Thursday, September 3rd, on selected social media channels of the concern, a mysterious, incredibly energetic video entitled A New Dimension appeared. The 15-second spot presents several dynamic shots of the design of characteristic elements and

If you are a fan of electronic music, most of your feeds on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are packed by information, releases, announcements, and photos of your favorite DJs/ producers. Certainly, more than once you've found a picture of your idol in the studio, sometimes - as in the case of Steve Aoki or Hardwell - looking more like a spaceship,

Autotune is a tool for automatic tuning. Currently, voice intonation correction is one of the main and standard sound editing procedures, the use of which is already a regular occurrence. By far the most common use of autotune is in pop and hip-hop songs, but it is not limited to vocals only. Most plugins of this type offer separate modes

Pioneer DJ headphones are passing a 25-year milestone this year and 15 years of being independent of Pioneer Corporation. One of the gifts for dedicated users and fans of the company can certainly be the launching of a completely new model of headphones on the market, HDJ-CUE1. These styled DJ headphones are formed on DNA from Pioneer DJ's pro models but are ready to buy

One of the most important factors in music production, thanks to which you are able to stand out from others and thus be noticed, is sound design. This is particularly evident in the world of bass music, where the fastest popularity and recognition among heavyweights and labels are given to producers whose songs sound very different from others. The best

Originated around 1980 in Berlin and 1988 in Detroit, Techno today is one of the most trending electronic music genres at the moment. In recent years it has evolved into many sub-genres, such as ACID, Minimal, Hardcore, Ambient, or Melodic, virtually all of which have their most recognizable representatives - Charlotte de Witte, Carl Cox, Stephan Bodzin, Tale Of Us

Chris Lake is certainly one of the most colorful representatives of the house and tech-house scene of recent years. His production vision, creativity, and ability to create catchy vibe songs that stay in our minds for months or even years after a single listening, make him an extremely respected and recognizable figure in the electronic music world. This is confirmed

California-born DJ & producer Niles Hollowell-Dhar, better known as KSHMR, has been on the ascending wave for a good few years now. The regularity - which goes hand in hand with the quality and quantity of positive feedbacks from fans and the world of EDM - of his new productions is astonishing. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that KSHMR is the founder of

Reverb is one of the most central impacts in sound creation and audio production. On the off chance that you need an expert blend in with a lot of profundities, reverb is pivotal in mixing. In many cases, a harder mission than operating and working with a newly purchased plugin can be to choose the right one, whose availability and diversity

Starting an adventure with music production always involves higher or lower costs. Apart from the need for a computer, the priority expenses are the purchase of a licensed DAW like FL Studio or Ableton, and a standard sound system (speakers) or headphones. Additional costs include various plugins, such as Sylenth1, Nexus or Massive, as well as packs of samples and