Recently, the staff at Billboard listed the Top 50 Music Producers of the 21st Century by ranking producers by their impact and innovation in the music scene since the year 2000. Since the beginning of the century, these producers have had a major contribution to the success of popular music records; below are their rankings with their associated acts:   50. RedOne Associated Acts: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj,

BOOM Library has been one of the top favorite places for sample packs when it comes to cinematic scores & orchestral music. The immaculate quality of samples has gained the attention of music producers and composers all across the globe. BOOM Library has also been building its portfolio in the plugins industry as well. Down below is our review of

Kontakt is one of the most progressive sampling platforms in the world. Many plugin development companies are switching to Kontakt Instruments for its ease of use and functionality. It can be hard to choose between so many different Kontakt libraries & instruments, but we have done this work for you. Down below you'll find the 20 best Kontakt Libraries & Instruments

Studio monitor manufacturer Genelec recently announced GLM 4.1, an update to their loudspeaker manager software GLM in celebration of 15 years since the publication of the first version of the program. GLM is a calibration software for studio monitors and is used as a sonic reference. The software is used among audio engineers across the world, not only for music but also for video

After being an invite-only platform for the past year, the social-audio app Clubhouse is now open to the public. The beta version of the application was introduced in March 2020, and access was only given to users who were invited to use the app. On July 21, 2021 the co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced that the app is

Spitfire Audio offers up-and-coming producers to show their skills in the major new scoring competition with DC entertainment and composer Pinar Toprak. Pinar Toprak is the composer behind some state-of-the-art music used in Captain Marvel, Fortnite, and DC's Krypton. Last year Spitfire Audio got over 11,000 entries for their Westworld competition they hosted, and this year they are back with another

Ever wanted to be a ghost producer? How about getting a chance to have your name on the top labels such as Spinnin' Records, Universal Music, Warner Music and many more? Or perhaps be at the forefront alongside KSHMR, Martin Garrix, Maarten Vorwerk, Afrojack, Avicii among world-renowned artists who produced some of other musicians' biggest hits! Well look no further, as EDM Ghost has

The DDJ-1000-OW controller has arrived, and is the result of a refreshing new collaboration between Pioneer DJ and Italian luxury fashion label Off-White. The controller, designed by Virgil Abloh’s iconic brand, is a re-modelling of the DDJ-1000 rekordbox and Serato controller and is available to purchase in the UK via a draw on the Selfridges app. Not much is different from the standard controller, however, a red

Following their announcement earlier this year in January, Korg releases their new wavetable synthesizer "modwave" to the public. Modwave is inspired by Korg's DW-8000 synth, revamping the original model by adding new types of modulations, filters, and effects that take the synthesizer to a new level. The Modwave synthesizer holds more than 200 wavetables, and each of those wavetables has up to

As a music producer, you might be well aware of some of the most popular synth plugins such as Serum, Diva, Massive, Sylenth, etc. Most of the synth plugins today are based on oscillator-based synthesis. Phobos by Spitfire which is designed by electronic music pioneer, BT, drifted away from the usual oscillator-based synthesis and provided a whole new dimension to

Regular compression is often used to get more controlled dynamics in a certain signal but it is often overused by upcoming music producers. When overused it can really make your instruments sound over-processed and very flat, this is where parallel compression comes in. Parallel compression is a technique when you're duplicating a signal and compressing it heavily (in most cases)