Home Tech Focusrite and Novation Spring Sale: Huge Savings on Audio Interfaces, MIDI Controllers & Synths
Focusrite and Novation Spring Sale: Huge Savings on Audio Interfaces, MIDI Controllers & Synths
focusrite novation spring sale
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Focusrite and Novation Spring Sale: Huge Savings on Audio Interfaces, MIDI Controllers & Synths

Home Tech Focusrite and Novation Spring Sale: Huge Savings on Audio Interfaces, MIDI Controllers & Synths

Every artist has their own preferences when it comes to outfitting their studio with the right tools and gear for crafting tracks, working on mixes, and staying creative. Now, two of the biggest names in music production – Focusrite and Novation – are offering huge savings as part of their spring sale to help producers and creators acquire the gear they need. Let’s explore the deals currently on offer from both Focusrite and Novation.


Although working “in the box” has become more of a standard procedure for electronic music producers thanks to powerful computers and a barrage of plug-ins and samples, some projects and processes require the ability to bring audio into and out of a workflow. Focusrite understands the importance of a powerful audio interface and provides multiple options for every budget and studio need. During its current spring sale, the manufacturer is offering great savings on many of their most popular products.

Scarlett 2i2 Studio [3rd Gen] – Refurbished – $159.99

One of the most universally recognized audio interfaces on the planet. The Scarlett 2i2 is a staple of music and audio production and a product that is great for creators during any journey of their musical career. This bundle comes complete with a condenser microphone and headphones to help creators get right to work.


Vocaster One – $69.99

Not all projects require musical contributions and fancy drivers. As the number of podcast creators continues to grow, the Vocaster One is a wonderful option for solo creators. With simple features, it provides an easy workflow so users can focus on creating content and not troubleshooting their gear.


Scarlett 18i20 [3rd gen] – $499.99

Recording drums, orchestras, full bands, or other complex projects is still a reality of music creation and production. The Scarlett 18i20 provides 18 inputs and 20 outputs to give control over larger sessions.


Clarett+ 4Pre – Refurbished – $559.99

When producers need to step up their recording quality and are looking for even more advanced audio drivers, Focusrite offers its Clarett line to creators. This 4-input/4-output interface is a great choice for any producer and will ensure complete control with crystal-clear quality during every phase of a project.


There are many more options available on the official Focusrite shop sale page.


Pairing well with much of the Focusrite product line are the offerings from its sister company, Novation. Offering a line-up of synthesizers as well as MIDI keyboards and synth pads, the company is built for artists to quickly explore ideas. With the current spring sale in full effect, now is a great time to get an amazing deal on some of Novation’s most popular products.

Launchpad Mini [MK3] – Refurbished – $93.99

With its seamless integration with popular DAWs such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro, the Launchpad Mini is a great tool for crafting ideas but is also compact enough to take on the road.


Launchkey 61 [MK3] – $239.99

When writing melodies, chords, leads, and other production components, having a physical instrument can help provide further inspiration and freedom to craft. The Launchkey 61 is one of several MIDI controllers available to provide physical playability, as well as additional triggers and features to help explore and record new ideas.


Peak – Refurbished – $1,279.99

Although they are less common for modern producers, physical synthesizers are at the core of electronic music. Long before plugins offered producers the ability to create new sounds within their DAW, synthesizers existed to give artists the ability to shape sounds. Peak is an 8-voice instrument and offers a wide variety of parameters and controls while providing the unique and personal touch that can only come from analog creation.


Launchkey 25 [MK3]- $149.99

Delivering a compact yet highly versatile MIDI keyboard, the Launchkey 25 is a great tool for any producer or creator who has limited space but prefers the ability to work on a physical instrument. With 25 keys and 16 pads, as well as a variety of FX and production knobs and wheels, this keyboard is a great tool.


Circuit Tracks – Refurbished – $259.99

Producers looking for a powerful, all-in-one studio tool should consider purchasing Circuit Tracks. This compact device offers two polyphonic synth tracks, two MIDI tracks, and four sample-based drum tracks as well as the FX and production controls needed to work on a track during any stage of the production process.


Launckey Mini [MK3] – $89.99

For the producer on the go, or one who just doesn’t have space for a permanent setup, the Launchkey Mini is an incredible instrument. Containing many of the same features and specs as the slightly larger Launchkey 25, the Mini is nearly as powerful at a fraction of the price and size.


Shop the full Novation spring sale at the company’s official website.

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