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KSHMR’s anthem ‘Megalodon’ turns 4 years old

Undoubtedly one of dance music’s most influential musicians, KSHMR has amassed an impressive and diverse catalogue of releases over the years. Having just released his first track of 2018, he looks set to break even more boundaries this year, transcending genres and using his influence to push the electronic music genre forward. Looking back on past releases, KSHMR’s first ever solo release ‘Megalodon‘ has just turned 4 years old.

Ferocious in nature, ‘Megalodon’ instantly became a fan favourite and never failed to provoke a monumental crowd reaction whenever dropped live. The infectious rhythm coupled with unforgiving synths come together to form an absolutely floor-shaking drop of epic proportions. A demonstration of KSHMR’s sheer talent in production, the track is without doubt one of his most exhilarating, and universally loved releases. As his first ever release, the track jump-started his career as an artist, thrusting him into the spotlight when listeners and artists alike released that he was a force to be reckoned with. While his style has adapted over the years, it is certainly possible to recognise his signature style that is still reflected in his releases today.

Relive KSHMR’s first ever release ‘Megalodon’ below.

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