KSHMR – House Of Cards (feat. Sidnie Tipton)

After uploading a cheeky preview of ‘House of Cards‘ to his Instagram account 2 weeks ago, fans have been eagerly waiting for KSHMR‘s latest tune. The track, which features American songstress Sidnie Tipton, takes an unexpected turn with its mid-tempo rhythm, as opposed to KSHMR’s usual 128 bpm productions. However, the track is excellently produced nonetheless.

‘House of Cards’ opens with a soft grand piano, accompanied by Tipton’s soft, sibilant vocals, however, a kick drum and a rapid bassline gradually appear as the tracks progress toward the breakdown. Following the breakdown, an electric guitar appears in the build-up. The drop is met with the same guitar melody, backed by a slappy kick and lead synths. Despite the drop in tempo, KSHMR’s signature minor key chord progressions shine throughout the track. The second break follows a similar formula to the first, with the addition of a kick and clap pattern. The breakdown also highly resembles the first, with the exclusion of the electric guitar and the inclusion of a Trance-inspired synth.

An undeniably talented producer, KSHMR frequently releases music year-round. Along with the launch of his label Dharma, last year, the 29-year-old recently announced a new album is in the works after collaborating with Turkish musician ALi Tolga.

Listen to ‘House of Cards’ below!

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