Teaser of Steve Angello’s incredibly anticipated sophomore studio album “Human” emerges

The loose ends to Swedish icon Steve Angello’s next studio album are being tied up as we speak. Recently, on Steve’s Instagram story, he played a few second long snippets of his upcoming album. A few we recognize, a few we don’t. The excitement couldn’t be stronger than now, fans have waited for years to hear the second album of the Swedish maverick. The follow up album to the game changer that was 2014’s “Wild Youth” is gearing up to be just at prolific. It was speculated that the album was set to drop a few months ago however the release date details were pushed back further and further over time. Bottom line, “Human” is in its final stages, the waiting game is on.

2017 was quite jam-packed for Angello, he released the EP’s Genesis, Inferno, and Paradiso that went on to be very successful and received lots of great feedback from fans. In the video clip, a cassette player plays the album through small speakers and we get to hear some new content. As well as catching small bites of his previously released tracks like “Dopamine“, we get to hear samples of some of his next drops. While nothing can be confirmed as of yet, we know full well that some of the Swede’s most wanted tracks include records like “Feel At Home” played way back in 2014, and his highly hyped collaboration with Brandon Flowers, “Feels Like Heaven”. Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of the famous rock band, The Killers.

Another unreleased single includes “Shifter”, an electro infused banger that makes us reminiscence about the sound of SIZE Records from years ago. Of all the mini previews, most are bass heavy rockets that will be sure to tear up dance floors everywhere. One clip reminds us of one of his tracks from Wild Youth titled “Tiger“, the very familiar lead sound seems to be making a comeback on a track for “Human”.

Check out the cassette below